Christmas Time Is Family Time

Christmas has come and gone and the presents under the Christmas tree have all been unwrapped. 

Everyone celebrates Christmas differently, and for my family and I, we make it a point to gather everyone and spend some quality time together. Most of us are busy most time of the year, so the festive season is one of the best times to gather everyone. 

As per the past few years, we hosted our extended family at our home for a Christmas party. We tried going to restaurants for Christmas buffets, but it got harder for everyone to sit at the table together as the children grew from babies and got more mobile. It wouldn’t be fair for us to expect them to sit for so long and they needed to move around. The best way to “contain” the children in a safe place while the adults enjoy the Christmas feast for our family is to have the celebration at home.

  Tadah! Our Christmas feast! 

Out of all the dishes, I only cooked the pasta and prepared the strawberry salad (which by the way, is yummy!) with Phoebie. The roast chicken and roast beef were part of a Christmas set we bought from Cold Storage.

In the past few years, we have always purchased the roast turkey for Christmas. However, the amount of leftovers always gave us a headache. I would end up storing a lot of turkey in my freezer. This year, to minimise food wastage, we decided to get a roast chicken, and it turned out to be a delicious decision! The chicken tasted better than the turkey and we didn’t waste food!

The strawberry salad was an improvisation from a recipe I had found online. This turned out to be a yummy attempt, which I will share the recipe soon.

Other than the scrumptious feast, one of my favourite parts of Christmas is watching the kids play. Because of conflicting schedules, Phoebie and Breyen don’t always get to see their cousins, let alone play with them. Christmas is one of the best times for them to spend time together and bond. Not everyone could make it this year, but we were still happy that some of the kids in the brood got to spend time together.


Like i said, not everyone could make it this year, but the rest of the Koh family had a good time. Family photo, to me, is almost mandatory because it helps us remember the years we spend together. We also record how we look and how much everyone has grown.

Notice the “house” on the black canvas in the background? That is a customised painting from a brand new company called Kanvrs, run by one of my cousins and her team. Kanvrs is a local online shop that specialises in customised abstract fluid acrylic paintings and each and every painting is handmade by the resident artist. The painting in the picture was specially customised for us, after I asked for something that will remind my children of their family and roots. 

Now displayed in our living room, the “house” is actually the Chinese word , which is the family name, or surname. Coincidentally, the style of writing chosen by the artist looks like a house, which symbolises our home. So there is extra meaning to the painting.

While Breyen is too young to understand, Phoebie immediately recognised the word as her family name when she saw the painting. I was really glad that she did.

According to my communication with my cousin, they only use artist quality paint, mixing medium and varnish to ensure the personlised Kanvrs is of the best quality. There is flexibility of choice from size of your Kanvrs, to your colour palette, to your design, to the type of your ideal finish. They have a door-step delivery with package with personlised hanging and maintenience advice. They also include up to optional of two 3M hooks, depending on the size and weight. All these services are at no additional cost. 

I really thank my cousin and her team at Kanvrs for creating such a beautiful and meaningful piece of art. It gave this year’s Christmas family photo an extra meaning, and it now gives my children something to remind them of their family name whenever they look at the painting. 


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