Phoebie’s 5th Birthday – Decorations

Planning Phoebie’s 5th birthday took a long time, not because I didn’t know what to do but because the birthday girl kept changing her mind about what she wanted for her theme. She started telling me what she would like to see at her birthday six months ago, after we celebrated her baby brother’s first birthday.

First she wanted a Gundam theme. Then she decided that she wanted ponies. After a while, she wanted something else. She changed her mind so many times that I gave up keeping track.

As we got nearer to her birthday, the movie “Inside Out” came to Singapore and Phoebie found a new love. While it was a relief that she finally found something she really liked, using “Inside Out” as a party theme proved to bring another headache. The movie is so new that there are no party merchandise of it in the stores yet.

For the birthday cake, I ended up improvising and it worked out well. Everyone loved the strawberry shortcake from Four Leaves with “Joy”, “Sadness”, “Anger” and “Bing Bong” sitting on it.

Another thing I really needed to complete the theme was decorations, but where was I going to find “Inside Out” party decorations? In the end, I decided that I had to improvise like I did with the cake.

The first thing I did was to go online and look for pictures from the movie. Then I loaded my home printer with ink and paper and printed away. I also went to Daiso to get some streamers and birthday signs, and to a party supplies shop to get a table cover to add to my decorations.

The villa at which the party was held was transformed from this:

IMG_9504 - Copy 

IMG_9505 - Copy

to this:

IMG_0290 - Copy 

IMG_0278 - Copy  

IMG_0282 - Copy 

IMG_0283 - Copy 

IMG_0287 - Copy

IMG_0553 - Copy

While it wasn’t the fanciest party decorations, I realised that the printed pictures and some streamers made a lot of difference and made the place a lot nicer. Phoebie liked the decorations, particularly the pictures so much that she didn’t want me to take them down after the party.

Decorating for Phoebie’s birthday party this year has certainly taught me a thing or two. It is not necessary to pay for expensive decorations. All I need to do is to go online and find good pictures suitable for the theme and paste them on the wall. Also, some signs can be reused. The “Happy Birthday” signs from Daiso cost $2 each and can be kept and reused another year, as long as the colours fit the theme. The table cover cost a little more but cannot be reused, but hey, I think I already saved some money when I printed most of my decorations from home.


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