Phoebie’s 5th Birthday – The Cake

Phoebie’s 5th birthday was a blast! While it fell on a really busy weekend (because I was hosting a wedding a day before the birthday party), everything turned out manageable. Most importantly, my little girl had loads of fun. 

 While I had baked Phoebie’s birthday cake last year (which, thinking back, I don’t even know how I did it when I had to cope with a young baby Breyen), I wasn’t able to do the same this year. With an event to host just a day before the party, it would be too rush. 

So for Phoebie’s birthday cake this year, I had to plan way in advance. 

The theme for phoebie’s 5th birthday was the film “Inside Out”, and I planned to have a cake related to it. The problem, however, is that the movie is so new that bakeries don’t have the licensed pictures for cakes yet. I know I can get a home baker to customize one for Phoebie, but I wasn’t about to order a fondant cake because fondant isn’t too popular with the guests for the party.

In the end, I decided to go look at the cakes at one of the bakery chains and see if I could improvise with something. My plan was to buy some “Inside Out” toys and use them as cake toppers. After looking around, I found what I thought was the perfect cake.

 Tadah! Here’s Phoebie’s improvised “Inside Out” cake! 

The characters “Fear” and “Disgust” are not available for this particular toy series but Phoebie said she didn’t mind. 

With “Joy”, “Sadness”, “Anger” and “Bing Bong” sitting on the 2.5kg strawberry shortcake from bakery chain Four leaves, Phoebie’s birthday cake was complete! Phoebie was very happy and proud that she had an “Inside Out” cake and wind-up toys with play with, and I was just glad that she loved her cake.

It was a super bonus when a lot of party guests said that they liked the cake and some even went for second helpings. Most of the time, we have leftovers for birthday cakes, so for guests to ask for more cake, it must mean that they really liked it. 

Looks like I can consider more birthday cakes from Four Leaves in the future.

Oh, and yes, when a child likes a character but the character cake is either not available at bakeries or is too expensive to customize, buying toys as cake toppers works! 


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