Haze Programme At Home For The Kids (2015)

Back in 2013 when the haze was really bad, I had to find things at home to entertain Phoebie with. I came out with my own “Haze Programme” so that she wouldn’t be bored. We were still living with my parents, so we have to squeeze whatever activities we could into a space where so many of us lived (my parents, my brother and our little family of three).

We went “camping” in the room with Phoebie’s toy tent.

We played with puzzles, lots and lots of puzzles.

We painted on a piece of mahjong paper and made a big mess. 

This year, we’re living back in our own home, so we have more space to do more things. I’m thankful we have more space now because we also have one more kid to entertain.

We play video games. The kids’ favourite have got to be Just Dance 4.

The mahjong paper activity works well with both our kids too. Phoebie was asking to draw with her chalk outside our place, but I wasn’t going to allow her outside, so this is a great substitute. Phoebie gets to doodle on a big space, and clean up is even easier for me.


Breyen spent a good 15 minutes looking at the many colours in his hands,

while Phoebie enjoyed the big canvas in front of her.

Entertaining children that are stuck indoors due to bad weather doesn’t have to be a difficult task. We just rotate our kids’ favourite activities over and over. 

After drawing, we can go and do some reading.

Of course, the most important thing is to keep the kids hydrated. So drink up, Phoebie and Breyen!



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