DIY Lantern – Minion

So after I made a Joy lantern for Phoebie, I had to make something for Breyen. Breyen doesn’t particularly have a favourite character, but I have been observing how he likes to take the minion toys out, so I decided to make him a Minion lantern.


This decision worked out because I can use the same batch of felt from Daiso that I used to make the Joy lantern.

Breyen doesn’t exactly favou any minion, so I chose one with one eye. That way, I had lesser to deal with and it would be easier to make. Haha… I found a picture that was simple and printed a few copies of it.

  I cut out the outline of the minion from the paper, traced it twice on a piece of yellow felt and cut the shapes out. Every item I need for the minion itself comes in sets of twos and in mirror image because the lantern will have two sides. 


Next, I cut the minion’s jumper suit from one of the printed images, trace it on blue felt, once upright and once in mirror image. I then cut the blue felt along the traced lines.


 Next  is two sets of gloves, in mirror image of one another.

 These are the straps for the goggle.


This is the goggle.

 The eye of the minion consists of three layers. The is the first layer, which is the white of the eye.

  Based on the picture I selected from online, the minion has a brown eye. As I don’t have any brown felt, I decided to improvise with some brown paper.
The last part of the eye is the black part, which I simply cut two small circles out of the black felt.


Notice something about the mouth of the minion? Well, like the brown part of the eye, I don’t have the right colours of felt for the mouth, so I improvise by cutting the mouth from the printed copies and glue the paper mouth onto the felt. It turns out to be a great idea, because I realized that if I didn’t make the mouth well, the minion will not look like a minion. 

Tadah! The two completed sides of the minion lantern. Next, to sew them together with a strap of white felt between them.

 As per what I did with the Joy lantern, I use the blanket stitch to sew the lantern.

Just like the Joy lantern, for the wire and light bulb, I went to the supermarket and bought the cheapest battery operated lantern I could find. This one cost $3.50.

I then remove the wire and light bulb from the cheap paper lantern and use the simple clip to secure the wire to my felt lantern.

I cut two holes in the white felt at the top of the minion – the big hole for the wire to go through and the small hole to secure the wire clip.


And the minion felt lantern for my 17  months old son is done!

Here’s the minion lantern in the dark.

With the felt lantern, I don’t have to worry about my toddler breaking his lantern, although, I probably have to supervise him and make sure he doesn’t yank the wire out.

If your child likes minions, maybe you can consider trying to make a lantern too! 🙂


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