DIY Lantern – Inside Out’s Joy

Kids like different things from time to time and Phoebie’s latest craze has got to be the animated movie “Inside Out“. One of her favourite characters is Joy, and with Mid-autumn Festival, aka Mooncake Festival or Lantern Festival round the corner, I decided to make a Joy lantern for her. 

For the record, I have never made a lantern for any of my kids before, so if this project looks amateurish, that’s because it is. Also, there is no Joy lantern in any shop now, so I thought I’d just make one.

These are rolls of felt that I bought from Daiso for the project.

I know, felt isn’t exactly a traditional lantern material. However, I needed something that my kids won’t break or crush easily, so I decided to try using it.

I went online, found a nice picture of Joy and printed a few copies.

Next, I cut Joy out and place it on the nude-coloured piece of felt. 

Using a marker, I trace the outline of Joy twice. Notice that one of the sides is mirroring the other side. This is repeated for every part of Joy.

These two pieces will serve as the main parts of the lantern.

 Next, I cut Joy’s hair from one of the printed images of Joy, trace it on blue felt, once upright and once in mirror image. I then cut the blue felt along the traced lines.

In the same way, Joy’s eyes are cut from the printed image, traced on white, blue, and black felt and then cut out from the felt. The cut pieces are then glued together using fabric glue.

The traced-and-cut pieces of felt are then pieced together using fabric glue, with the non-marker ink side facing up. Any excess portions of the nude-coloured felt are trimmed away. Joy’s mouth is drawn with a pink marker. Again, notice that the two felt-material Joys are mirror images of each other.

Next times the more tedious part – sewing.

I cut strips of white felt (it can be any colour) and sew them to the sides of the two felt-material Joys using the blanket stitch.

The sewing part is most time consuming, so once the sewing part is done, the lantern is almost complete.

After stitching the Joys together with strips of white felt between them, it is time to put the wire and light bulb in.

For the wire and light bulb, I went to the supermarket and bought the cheapest battery operated lantern I could find. This one cost $3.50.

 I then remove the wire and light bulb from the cheap paper lantern. Before I saw the wire, I was wondering how to fix the wire to my Joy lantern. I was really glad to see that the wire comes with a simple clip.

I make two holes at the top of the white felt – a big one for the wire and light bulb to go through and a small one for the wire’s clip.

 After sewing up the open ends of the white felt, my Joy lantern for Phoebie is complete! It isn’t 100% like the animated Joy but I would like to think that I am quite close. Haha…

Now to test it.

It works! The bulb is bright enough to shine through the felt!

Hopefully, Phoebie likes it.



6 thoughts on “DIY Lantern – Inside Out’s Joy

      • I really like it a lot… My niece will love it a lot too… Is it possible to make one for us? My niece really love joy a lot and I want to give her a memorable mid autumn festival with joy lighting up her life. Sincerely wish you will consider to make us one. Thanks

      • Thanks so much for liking the lantern. 🙂 however, I’m not confident about making one for someone else. This one was a really amateur attempt. Maybe u can try making it for ur niece 🙂 all the materials I used are from Daiso. I can also send you the link from which I got the picture.

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