OneDollarOnly’s Special Promo With Mummy Priscilla

Onedollaronly is one of my favourite places to shop online, especially for things for goody bags for the kids, or anything I need to buy in bulk for the kids.

I got word about their newly revamped website and went to take a look. I totally love the new look! The entire website looks brighter and it looks easier to navigate around than its previous format. The best part about the upgraded site is probably the whole array of new items I spotted.

OD-91 ODP-92

I am totally loving these two designs of finger puppets! Finger puppets are great for telling stories with and encourage children to use their imagination. The paper finger puppets also allow children with more developed fine motor skills to make their own puppets.ODP-90-A ODP-90-B ODP-90-B-1

I love these new craft kits!! I cannot even count how often I see Phoebie receive craft kits in goody bags from her classmates and friends, and Onedollaronly has brought in these to add to the variety of kits they already have. I know that these craft kits are not cheap when sold in shops, so it’s definitely a big plus point that I can now buy them at low prices from Onedollaronly.

I’ve also spotted some items that I find are suitable for kids, be it as goody bag items or for whatever purpose parents feel appropriate.

ODP-41-AP ODP-42-C ODP-56-1 ODP-56-2 ODP-56-4 ODP-71N Robots 5 Stones - 2 OD-41B OD-41C OD-41D OD-42B OD-43-A OD-43-B OD-51B OD-51C-2 OD-52 OD-53-1 OD-53-C OD-57-1 OD-58-2 OD-59 OD-84

These items are suitable for children of different ages and are things I would probably want to stock up when good deals are available.

Speaking of good deals, I decided to approach the people who run Onedollaronly to see if there is any way I could negotiate for some kind of discount for my friends and those who follow my blog. To my joy, they agreed! YAY!!!

So my friends and all those who follow Mummy Priscilla can now use a special promo code at when you spend a minimum of $80. Key in MUMMYPRIS (all CAPS) in the promo code box and get 10% off your entire purchase!

Now, 10% might not sound like a lot, but if you think about it, the items are already waaayyy cheaper than in retail outlets, so 10% off your total purchase of at least $80 is like icing on the cake. What’s more, delivery is FREE! With Children’s Day round the corner, this is probably a good deal for teachers who are looking at getting gifts for their students too.

I’m definitely going to be looking through the website to see how I can use that promo code.

Thank you, Onedollaronly, for agreeing to giving me a special promo code!


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