Another Alternative to Gadgets

It was one of those days. I was preparing dinner while the kids were taking their naps. 

Just as I got the ingredients out of the refrigerator, Phoebie walked in and said, “Mama, can I have the iPad? I wanna play on the couch.” I wasn’t planning to let her play, so I didn’t answer her. She went on and on about what she was planning to do with the iPad and I continued to keep quiet.

“Mama, can I have the iPad now?” She asked again.

“Phoebie, I didn’t say you can play,” I told her. 

“Awwwww… But I want to play…” She started to whine.

I wanted her to do anything but have gadget time, and I had to make sure it would be something that she would be interested in.

“You want to help me cook dinner?” I asked.

“Nooo…” She said, “I mean… Yes! Yes I want!”

Great! So cooking is a good alternative to gadgets too!

 So here’s the happy not-playing-iPad-but-making-dinner Phoebie mashing some carrots.

She also learnt to clean the counter top,


and to wash dishes. She didn’t do a very good job but at least she was learning to help with some chores.

The most important and best part was, she was happy to do everything! And she forgot about the iPad while doing all this!

More chores to do, Phoebie?


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