Hegen Products – Squares For Milk Bottles

A few weeks ago, I received some samples from a new milk bottle company named Hegen. The company had sent bottles and storage containers for me to try with my 15 months old Breyen, so I decided to let him have a go and see how he responded to these products. 



The first thing that struck me when I opened the boxes was the interesting shape the bottle was in. As a mother of two, I have never seen a squarish milk bottle before.

The shape of the bottle intrigued me and I wondered how Breyen would react when he had to hold the bottle.

Teat and cover Assembling

As I prepared milk in the Hegen bottle, the first thing that happened was that I accidentally pulled the teat through the cover. I took a closer look and realized that I had to fit the teat into the cover in a certain direction. The same thing happened with the cover for the teat. Because of the way the teat is designed, everything on the cover has to be assembled in one way.

I felt that the design is not very convenient because there is only one direction I can cover the teat. It serves as a hindrance if I am in a hurry.

However, the press-and-click design of the cover onto the bottle is a time saver. Instead of screwing the cover onto the bottle, all I need to do is press the cover down and make sure it is secured.

Feed  At 15 months, Breyen, who holds his own milk bottle, was able to hold the squarish bottle immediately. However, I noticed that because he likes to turn the bottle as he drinks, the squarish teat resulted in him sucking in more air as compared to when he drinks from his old bottle which has a round teat.

Breyen’s first time with the Hegen bottle was quite a sight. He kept pulling the bottle out of his mouth to look at the new bottle he was using before he continued drinking. The subsequent times that Breyen used the Hegen bottle proved to be okay as he stopped pulling the bottle out of his mouth. 

Storage bottles 


The storage containers from Hegen are good for a number of reasons. Square containers don’t waste corner spaces. So if I am storing things in the refrigerator or cupboard, I can fully utilize storage space. 

Also, the teat and milk bottle cover can be used directly on the storage containers. This design is helpful for mothers who pump their breast milk and feed their babies by bottle. They can store the expressed milk in the storage bottle, defrost, heat up and feed using the same container.


Hegen products are now available in Motherswork Tanglin Mall (As there are 2 Motherswork shops in this mall, please note Hegen is on the 3rd level -#03-11C) and will be available at Motherswork GWC from 20th August onwards.

Hegen will be available in Takashimiya Department Store, Level 4 Infants & Kids Section from 27th August onwards.

Those interested to experience Hegen products can find them there.


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