Date Night at Labyrinth 

So Ben and I were invited by one of our friends to a local restaurant called Labyrinth for dinner and we decided to use it for a date. 

We didn’t know much about the restaurant except that our friend told us that the food was 50% for the palate and 50% for the brain. So we went for the unknown, quite intrigued.

Labyrinth was originally at Neil Road and recently moved to a bigger place at Esplanade. With a bigger space, it can now serve more customers as a time.


I really liked how Labyrinth is furnished. Simple yet classy. 



Before dinner was served, the general manager and head chef addressed all the guests and explained the event to us. They also explained the concept that Labyrinth wants to deliver and how the food we were about to eat were all local delights, only we probably wouldn’t recognize them.

Looking at the list of dishes, I really wondered what Ben and I would be served. The names of most of the dishes certainly looked very local.  

 This little treat wasn’t on the menu but it tasted really refreshing. You can’t tell but it is actually watermelon and mint. We were told to eat it in one mouthful and when I did, I knew why. The little red jelly simply burst in my mouth and it was quite cool.

So this amuse bouche was the first thing on the menu and when we came, Ben and I looked at each other. Do we use our hands? Do we use a fork? What do we do?

The manager in charge of our table came and told us we could use our hands, so I popped the green piece into my mouth first. It turned out to be a kaya macaron! The white layer in the middle was butter, which provided a savoury balance to the slight sweetness of the kaya macaron. 

The brown square, as we chewed into it, turned out to be rojak! It had all the goodness of rojak in one small bite! I was so tempted to ask if I could have more of that, but we still had so many dishes to go, so I decided that I shouldn’t.

When this shot glass was placed in front of me, I looked at the menu again. Fish and chips shooter, it said. Hmm… How did the chef contain fish and chips in a shot glass?

I started drinking the shooter and immediately got it. Pieces of fish, crunchiness from fried batter and fries, a yummy purée of something I didn’t know, all that made up the fish and chips in a shot glass. 

By now, Ben and I knew why my friend had told us that the food that Labyrinth serves is 50% for the palate and 50% for the brain. The menu would say a certain dish but the presentation would not be what we would usually expect of that same dish.

No one would expect that these two cubes are actually cereal prawn. They do taste closer to heh bee hiam but not as spicy. Ben pointed out that these make awesome bar food. Just order a drink and some of these and have a good conversation with friends at the bar.

These kangkong chips are awesome! I think I ate more of this dish than Ben. Haha… Again, it would go great with drinks at the bar.

If anyone can guess what this dish is without referring to the picture of the menu, I would clap for you. 

This is chilli crab – Labyrinth style. 

How is this chilli crab? Well, the chilli crab sauce is the ice cream and the crab is that piece of fried soft shell crab. The combination of hot and cold was intriguing and the sauce-made ice cream certainly tasted authentic. 

This turned out to be a hot favourite of our date night. Both Ben and I fell in love, in love with what is called Siew Yoke Fan, aka roast pork rice. Instead of rice, we were served with risotto. The crackle on the pork was done beautifully and the pork itself was so tender that we didn’t have to chew it for very long. If we were to return to Labyrinth again, I would be looking for this.

Again, no one would guess that this is pineapple fried rice. Rice itself was replaced by rice crispies and the combination was with ice cream on top. The ice cream may have contributed to the rice crispies not being as crunchy as I had hoped, so this one was a tad disappointing.

 Hainanese Curry Rice, anyone? 

I loved how runny the egg yolk was! Wrapped in what looked like black n grey balls were actually chicken and potato respectively. Along with vegetable sponge and crisp potato skin, this hainanese curry rice was an interesting and delicious dish.

 No one would expect to use wagyu beef for satay but this was exactly what Labyrinth did. Wrapped to look like ketupat was a peanut-filled mochi. The peanut sauce combined with the tenderness of the beef made Ben name it one of his favourites for the night.

Everything in Singapore is all about SG50 this year, and this red and white dessert was created in honour of the occasion. Berry goodness with yummy ice cream, I like!

Xiao long bao for dessert? How about a sweet version with chendol wrapped in? Oh, and we didn’t pour vinegar on these. The jar was actually holding gula melaka

As like how we should eat Xiao long bao (with caution), we ate it in one big mouthful. The “bao” burst in my mouth and the flavours came alive. I am not usually a fan of the traditional chendol, but this one I like.

No, we didn’t smoke a cigar or drink whisky while we were at Labyrinth. This was the last dish of the night – Reese chocolate. While this isn’t exactly a local dessert, it was one of my favourites for the night. 

Yummy cocoa powder and chocolate on the outside and nice peanut butter ice cream on the inside, this was my kind of dessert! Haha… My only “complaint” was that because we had to use our hands for this, our fingers got cold from holding the “cigar” and the cocoa powder got a little messy. 

Oh, and I was glad that the manager told us to drink the earl grey tea (it’s really not whisky) when we were done with the chocolate. The earl grey tea pretty much washed out my taste buds and I didn’t get the usual thirsty feeling after having chocolate. 

I was also glad I didn’t take a sip of the tea while eating the chocolate because the chocolate would have been tasteless after the tea.


All in all, it was an awesome date night, with very interesting food to make our night memorable. Ben and I had a lot of fun exploring each dish that was presented to us. We most certainly didn’t think that our local delights could be served in such fascinating ways.

Thank you, my friend, for inviting us to this special event. Labyrinth is definitely on my list of places to go on a date with the husband!

*special note* if anyone is keen to have a meal at Labyrinth, drop me a message. I’ll link you up with my friend so that you can get 10% discount!


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