Short Trip To Sydney With Kids (Part II) – Sealife Aquarium & Chinatown

So this is part two of the short trip we made to Sydney earlier this month. Our main purpose of the trip was to attend Hillsong Conference 2015 and we had two days outside of conference to do a little tour of Sydney. On the first of our free days, we brought the kids to Taronga Zoo and had loads of fun.

On the second day, we decided to head to the Harbour area and brought the kids to the Sea Life Aquarium. This was also one of the places that many people highly recommended.


While walking to the Aquarium, we walked along the Harbour area and saw a submarine that was docked there. We thought that was a good chance to share with phoebie about it and took some pictures there.

 This was us while queuing for tickets for the Sea Life aquarium. We spent quite a bit of time queuing because we hadn’t bought tickets online. So I guess the clever thing to do would have been to buy tickets online before we went.


The Sea Life Aquarium features characters from the cartoon The Octonauts and Phoebie loved every display on the Octunauts.

 One of the unique Australian creatures featured at the aquarium is this little buddy – the platypus!! 

To be fair, the Taronga Zoo has a platypus enclosure too. We didn’t get to see the animal then because the platypus was hiding. I was really glad we got see two of these peculiar and adorable creatures at the aquarium. We shared with Phoebie that the platypus is the only mammal that lays eggs and she was amazed.

 Besides a wide range of sea creatures, the sea life aquarium also features two of such passages where the sea animals swim above us. Even Breyen was intrigued by what he saw.


 At the touch tank, Phoebie got to feel starfish and even hold the shell of a shark’s egg.


 One of the interesting things Phoebie got to do was to colour a picture, get it scanned and watch her picture literally swim before her eyes. There was a big wall where these “man made” sea creatures are projected and children get to see their art work swim in the animated fish tank on the wall.

After we were done at the Sea Life aquarium, it was time for us to head over to Sydney’s Chinatown. I always make it a point to visit the Chinatown of a foreign city because that’s usually where good Asian food is, and I wanted to explore the one in Sydney.  

 We walked over from the aquarium and did a little sightseeing while the kids took their afternoon nap. 

We walked around Chinatown for a while and couldn’t figure out where to go for a quick meal while the kids slept. So we did it the best way – flip a coin. Hahaha… 

So the coin “decided” that we were to turn left, and walking along the streets on the left led me to a surprise find.  

  I found Daiso! 

The husband probably wasn’t too pleased since I already go to Daiso in Singapore pretty often. Haha… Even though most items at Daiso Sydney go for AUD2.80, which is about $0.80 more expensive (with the current exchange rates) than Daiso Singapore, I decided to take a look around the shop because there are items that I have been looking for in Singapore for a long time but to no avail.

  I was really quite happy to find the eyebrow coat and the egg timer because I hadn’t been able to find them in Singapore.


It was also interesting to see that Daiso Sydney sells greeting cards because Daiso Singapore doesn’t have this.

  Just as I left Daiso, we chanced upon a demonstration that was going on. 

The group leading the demonstration were aborigines who were asking for land rights. It was quite an eye opener to see how they conducted the protest. There were police officers that walked alongside the demonstrators and while the protesters were shouting their demands, everything was done in an orderly manner.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel worried that the protest might go out of hand. It made me realize how important it is for us to be alert at all times. If anything did go wrong, we would have to react fast and get our children to safety. Of course, in this case, everything was okay and I was very thankful that the demonstrators were not the violent kind.

After we observed the demonstration, Ben and I decided that we should have early dinner and some time to enjoy food since both the kids were napping. What better food to than in Winter at Chinatown than Hotpot? 

Ben looked up the trip adviser website and found a place with decent reviews that was nearby.

And so we feasted at 山城火锅王. The food was pretty good and the spicy soup helped to warm us up.

Just as we finished that sumptuous meal,  the kids woke up, so we looked for a place to feed them before heading back to the hotel.

We probably didn’t get to see a lot of what Sydney had to offer in the two days that we had, but I like that we took time at the places we visited. 

After all, when traveling with young children, it’s important not to have a packed itinerary. I’m also glad we always catered time for the kids to nap and rest. Well-rested kids are better travelers because they will be in better moods when they have enough rest.

Until the next trip!


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