The Family Photoshoot By Chrispy Photography (Part II) – The Outdoors

A few weeks ago, we met Chris to discuss what we would like to do for our family photo shoot. Even though we had plans made, the weather wasn’t favourable for an outdoors shoot. Thankfully, Chris was very flexible with plans and we ended up doing a lifestyle shoot that was mostly completed in the comfort of our own home. Because the first half of the shoot was done in our home, the kids had time to get acquainted with the man behind the camera and to get used to having big lens pointing at them.

Chris was determined to do the second half of the photo shoot at a location he had specially found for us, so we planned another shoot on another day. 

This day came and while it was cloudy, we decided to go ahead with the photo shoot. We arrived at the location Chris had told us about and my husband, Ben and I were pleasantly surprised. As part of my agreement with Chris, I will not reveal the location. All I can say is, it certainly takes a unique pair of eyes to choose a location like that, because most people will simply pass that place without seeing its beauty.

Here’re some of the beautiful photos we took at that location.


Just like that, with minimal instructions from Chris, the photo shoot took place. If I remember correctly, the only instructions he gave us were, “Walk from there to here,” and “Sit there and play with your kids”. He didn’t tell us to look at him, he didn’t say “tilt your chin up” and he certainly didn’t say “one, two, three, smile!” He just let us be who we are – The Kohs.

Oh, also, “Koh-aught in the act” came about when Chris told us that he usually names the shoots uniquely to each family and asked us to think of something. I suggested this phrase and I guess it somehow described how the entire shoot was like – we were just being the Kohs, caught in our act. 



After we were done with this location, we decided to try another location that was nearby. Alas, the cloudy skies could hold the rain no more and it started raining just as we got our gear out of the car. We had no choice but to hide at a pavilion while waiting for the rain to stop. Even then, Chris was clicking his camera the whole time.


The photos taken at the pavilion particularly touched my heart because these moments are so natural! No instructions from the photographer at all, and every moment was captured as we interacted. By the way, the ponchos we were wearing were all thoughtfully prepared by Chris. He even had insect repellent with him!

The rain eventually didn’t stop in time because I had another appointment to go to. But no time was wasted because Chris didn’t stop taking pictures. 


Phoebie had a great time splashing in the rain and Chris captured everything.

I can’t be thankful enough that we met Chris and had Chrispy’s Photography do our family photo shoot for us.

Thank you, Chris, for being patient with our family and for keeping your cameras clicking even when we were supposed to be hiding from the rain. No magical moment was lost because of that and we could simply be ourselves. We definitely look forward to working with you again!


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