Flight Delay Made Bearable

I am writing this now because I am bored. My flight from Sydney back to Singapore has been delayed for about six hours because of some technical issues, but I’m not complaining. I can’t complain. 

Even though we found out about the flight delay this morning while we were packing our luggages (Ben received a text message from the airline), we made our way to the airport early anyway to find out what was going on. The kids were getting grumpy because it was almost nap time and our initial plan was for them to nap during the flight.


While we were on the way to the airport, one of my friends who happened to be taking the same flight sent me this. 

Thanks to this note, we had a clearer picture of what was causing the delay. Sure, the delay may cause us some inconvenience but I was glad that the airline was doing its best to inform us of what was going on and to make sure our meals were taken care of.

We arrived at the airport and went ahead to the airline counter. The staff asked if we were only going to Singapore and not transiting, and we said yes. They then allowed us to check in our luggages and issued our boarding passes to us. 

Because we are traveling with our kids,  they gave us a room at the airport hotel on top of two meal vouchers (worth $20 each) per seat-paying person. So our family had a total of six meal vouchers and a room where the kids can be more comfortable while they nap and waiting for the later flight.


This is what the room looks like. For a rest of a few hours, this is totally awesome!


Thanks to the thoughtful arrangements by Singapore Airlines, the kids have a proper, comfortable and quiet place to rest. 

This is just one of many reasons why I love flying with Singapore Airlines, especially when we are traveling with our kids.


So we are now at the gate waiting for the flight. We just heard an announcement calling all passengers on our flight to the gate because…

 They have a table full of refreshments prepared for all of us! Once again, this is such an awesome service. 

As I took photos of the table, the staff there offered me more meal vouchers, to which I declined because we still have some. But I’m really happy that they offered.

Thanks Singapore Airlines! You are awesome! 


We are finally on board the flight! 

On our way to the plane, we were each given a note and a gift for the delay.


It may have been a long wait to go home but the thoughtful services of Singapore Airlines has made it a lot more bearable. 

Next stop, Singapore!


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