Family Photoshoot By Chrispy Photography (Part I) – Sneak Preview

While I enjoy taking photos for my kids, it is a great challenge to take nice photos whenever I try to put myself in. The kids will wriggle around and it can be hard to catch angles where the entire family looks good.

Enter Chrispy’s Photography.

I was introduced to the photographer, Chris, by a friend and we arranged a meeting to discuss our expectations for the photoshoot. I was really glad to hear how Chris looks at family photoshoots because what he does is what I am looking for. Out-of-studio, no strict poses, letting the kids be themselves and allowing the subjects of the shoot be as natural as possible.

We scheduled a date for a shoot at what Chris calls his secret location in Singapore. Days leading up to the photoshoot, Chris constantly updated us with pictures from his recce and weather forecast. He also sent us a list of things that we could prepare for the outdoors shoot. I was really impressed with the amount of work Chris was putting in prior to the photoshoot.

Alas! On the day of the photoshoot (which is today), the weather didn’t go as per the forecast and it was raining heavily! That meant that we couldn’t go to the secret location because the kids would be exposed to the wet weather. I was rather disappointed because I had been looking forward to the shoot.

We discussed what to do through a chat group in whatsapp and while we planned another date to make it the secret location, we decided that we would still do a photoshoot, only we would do it at our home.

Why would anyone want to do a photoshoot at home? I know. Most people would think that there’s nothing interesting to take at home.

Personally, I have conducted photoshoots for other children in the comfort of their own homes, so I know kids actually feel the safest and are most natural at home. Chris is a photographer who shares my vision and he feels that lifestyle photos brings out the best expressions and emotions in children, so we made a last minute change to our plans and he made his way to our home.

When Chris arrived, he allowed the children some time to get to know him and warm up to the camera.

Breyen got so comfortable with him that he climbed onto Chris and simply laid on his lap.

With the kids comfortable with this man holding big lens and pointing at them, Chris started taking pictures. Ben and I simply took things out from each room so that the kids had props. This is also why I loved the idea of taking pictures at home. We had all kinds of props that the kids are familiar with.

 The kids simply did as they pleased, with minimal instructions. Our everyday life was documented and captured.

Chris took a lot of pictures, but because this is just a preview, I will save the rest another time.
The rain stopped and Chris asked if we were okay with letting the kids play downstairs. I knew Phoebie would enjoy it, so we geared her up for the next part.

A stretch of pavement in the neighbourhood may look ordinary when you see it every day, but with the right elements and the right angle, we saw beauty.


That’s right, we went to the rooftop of the multistorey car park. This isn’t something we do normally but Phoebie enjoyed jumping and running around.


This is a walkway that we encounter every day, but with Chris adding the magic touch, we just created some beautiful memories here.


Breyen was due for a nap by the time we were done with the photoshoot and didn’t have energy to smile anymore. What Chris captured in that moment is the very natural way Breyen behaves when he is tired. No need for Breyen to smile and pose and yet this is one of the loveliest pictures (to me) of him.

Chris has certainly taught me a thing or two about family photoshoots. There really isn’t a need to make kids pose or give them too much instructions. Just let them be who they are – kids.

We are definitely looking forward to the next photoshoot with Chris as well as to see the rest of the photos from today!


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