A  Little Lesson On Grace

We are getting ready to leave the house and Phoebie suddenly remembers the gummy candy we bought yesterday.

“Mama, can I have some gummy?” She asks. 

“Sure. Wear your shoes and I will get them for you. Hey, how about we bring a packet for Ariel and Ryan too?” I tell her.

“I want to give one packet to Ariel but I don’t want to give to Ryan,” she says.


“Ryan is naughty,” she replies.

“Phoebie, even though Ryan is naughty sometimes, he is still your friend. You know when Mama bought the gummy for you yesterday, well, you didn’t finish your water in school. You didn’t follow instructions. I still bought the gummy for you. That is called Grace,” I explain.

Phoebie is silent. She looks like she is thinking about what I said.

“There are days when you don’t always listen,” I continue, “But Papa and Mama still give you nice things. Right? This is Love and Grace. We don’t only look at the naughty things you do. We still love you and want to give you nice things.”

“Mama,” Phoebie says, “I want to give one packet of gummy to Ariel and one to Ryan.”

“That’s nice,” I tell her.

She wears her shoes and we walk to the lift lobby. 

“Mama,” she says, “Thank you for buying the gummy for me yesterday even though I didn’t follow instructions and didn’t finish my water.”


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