Breyen’s 1st Birthday – Goody Bags

One of the headaches parents have when planning a birthday party for their kids is packing the goody bags. Or rather, getting the items to put in the goody bags can be a headache.

Some parents like to pack snacks and sweets in the goody bags, while others like stationery. Some like to pack games while others like arts and crafts kits. I like a bit of everything, but most of all, I like things that are practical for the children’s age.

Another headache that parents have when it comes to goody bags is how much the items and the bags cost. While each item may not cost much, multiplying each item by the number of children you invite to the party can really add up.

I’m pleased and thankful to say that I planned way in advance when it comes to the goody bags. When I saw things on sale, I stock up. In fact, I talked about saving up by stocking up at the right time in one of my blog entries some time back.

When OneDollarOnly had its annual 50% off sale in February this year, that was precisely what I did. I looked through the things they had and picked out what I wanted for the goody bags for my children’s birthday party goody bags.

Tadah! These are the things in Breyen’s party goody bags for children two years old and above. The bag itself is from OneDollarOnly too. It came in an assortment of colours, so I could differentiate the goody bags into categories. I used the light blue ones for the babies.

Again, I got these items during the 50% off sale, so each item cost less than $1.

  I got this cute animal pencil in a set of 24 at Popular Book store. If I remember correctly, the whole set cost less than $15, so each pencil also cost less than $1.
  These Hello Panda snacks were bought in boxes during the Meiji warehouse sale. Of course, the most important thing to do before putting this into the goody bag was to check the expiry date.
Because Breyen’s birthday party was done in Mickey Mouse theme, I wanted to add a Mickey Mouse related item to the goody bag. I was overjoyed when I found these fans at Daiso. This also means that the fans are $2 each. I didn’t mind getting these because I had already saved on the other items.

And so, with my advanced planning, I was able to add quite a lot of items to the goody bags for Breyen’s party. Perhaps it sounds a little crazy to stock up, but if it means being able to save money and yet give quality items to the children to the party, I think I did great. 



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