Breyen’s 1st Birthday – Photo Booth

Oh yes, we engaged people to do a photo booth for us at Breyen’s 1st birthday party.

One of the reasons I engaged them was because we had worked with Cheeky Motion about 1.5 years ago at Phoebie’s 3rd birthday and we really liked them.

Another reason was that the guests we invited for the party were mainly family and we didn’t want them to be bored. We were worried that we might not be able to interact with everyone, and we wanted them to have fun.

Ultimately, the photo booth turned out to be a great source of entertainment for the kids too. They had tons of fun playing with the props and took many pictures.


These are but a handful of pictures taken at the photo booth that night. I took a look at the album that Cheeky Motion posted on Facebook, and I think about 1/3 (or more)!of the photos were taken by the kids. Haha…

Photo booths are great because few people bother to print hard copies of photos these days, so what they get from the booths are great keepsakes. Also, it gives people the chance to goof around with props and take pictur a which we don’t normally do.

I’m so glad we got Cheeky Motion to come provide this service again. They were friendly and nice to the kids (and the adults of course), they brought a lot of props, and they handed me speech bubbles that I can write personalized messages that my guests can hold up while taking photos. Thumbs up for the wonderful service!


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