Le Creuset Sale April 2015

So I went for my first Le Creuset sale in Singapore yesterday and got some new stuff. 



I never thought that I would buy Le Creuset pots in Singapore because of the price but when I saw the discount offered at this sale, I decided to go and take a look.

The sale is held at a function room at Suntec Convention Centre and while the venue is not big, it’s enough to hold all the different pots, pans and crockery that Le Creuset has. 


I bought the 18cm soup pot because I needed something small. The price at the sale is $189. I forgot to check the retail price but based on what I see online, it ranges from $200+ to $300+.

I already have a 26cm soup pot, bought while living in the US (where Le Creuset products are much cheaper), so I didn’t buy anything bigger.


 I also got these two mini oval cocottes at $36 each. They usually retail at $86 each.

I went with my friend at around lunch time, and it took a short queue for us to get into the venue. I was glad that the organizers was doing crowd control and didn’t just allow everyone to go in because the venue is really quite small.

While most of the pots and pans had a number of colours available, the smaller products like the stoneware had limited colours. For instance, the mini cocottes I bought only came in those two colours.

I never appreciated or thought there was a need to get “branded” pots until I tried Le Creuset. The cast iron material, while heavy, keeps flavour in and I get the same flavour and tastiness in my dishes in a shorter time. 

  All these functions are certainly plus points to the expensive pots. 

Of course, I must admit that it is a luxury to own these pots and I really see them as investments. They cook food well, they last long, and I can use them in more ways than one.

Those interested can still make it to the sale today and tomorrow!


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