Metro’s Customer Service

At the beginning of the March school holidays this year, I received a sale mailer from Metro. As a member, I was excited to see some of the items on sale because firstly, I could find them as birthday presents for some of the kids I know, and secondly, I would get member price which means extra savings on top of the sale price.

   I noticed that some of the items I wanted were only available at the Centrepoint branch of Metro, so I decided to make a trip there.

Alas, I headed to Centrepoint with both my kids and my mum, only to be told that the colours of the items advertised in the mailer were not in stock yet! I decided to ask for another item from the mailer and was told the same thing – the item was not in stock yet! So I had made a wasted trip! It didn’t help that I wouldn’t have other days to make another trip down to Centrepoint while the sale was going on. How could items not in stock be advertised in the mailer?! I was very upset!

I knew it wasn’t the store’s staff’s fault that something not in stock was advertised, but I told them that they should feedback to the management about it because customers would have made their way to the store for nothing.

When I got home, I decided to write a feedback on Metro Singapore’s Facebook page.   Edit   Having said what I wanted to say, I waited for their reply. 

Metro’s social media team responded the next day. 

  I was really glad that they were willing to make amendments for the mistake. Not only would I still get the discounts, they agreed to make a free delivery! 


   So with a few more messages, I received a call from the store manager who then arranged a date for the items to be delivered to me.

The day came and the store manager came personally to my place. He was very apologetic about what had happened. During the delivery, he also made sure I got to check the items.  

  Before he left, he also told me that these items have a warranty and if I had any problems, I can contact them again.



Tadah! I managed to get what was advertised after all, thanks to the prompt and efficient customer service provided by both the social media team and the store staff of Metro Singapore. 

Of course, I would have preferred that they had the items in store when things were advertised, but I must say I’m glad and very impressed with how Metro followed up with me. Good job, Metro Singapore! 

P.S. – next time, please check your stock before advertising.


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