Day Trip to Legoland Malaysia

The husband has been planning this trip for a while and I’m glad we fulfilled the plans, creating some nice memories for this March holidays.

This is our second trip to Legoland Malaysia. The last time we went there was in December 2013 and we had stayed at the hotel. This time, we decided that a day trip would be enough. And it was!

We cleared the Singapore customs in less than five minutes and crossed the Second Link at Tuas. There was a bit of queue at the Malaysian customs, however, and we spent about 30 minutes waiting for our turn. Once we cleared the checkpoint, we drove for another 10 minutes or so and arrived at Legoland at about 10am.

The queue for tickets wasn’t very long and we got into the theme park very quickly. 

The first thing we did was to take a mandatory family photo with the big Legoland sign.

After the photo, we started our little adventure with the kids. Ben and I agreed that we would take turns to bring Phoebie on rides, so that we both had some alone time with her, as well as for Breyen.

We had competed in a shooting game.

Phoebie was happy to win something. 

When it was time to for Breyen to nap, I pushed him around in the stroller, hoping he could sleep despite the hot weather.

This picture was taken when Ben brought Phoebie on the first ride of the day. 

I didn’t know what ride it was. On seeing that Phoebie met the height requirement, I simply asked Ben to bring her. Alas, it was a mini roller coaster! Haha… They were not mentally prepared for the dips in the ride, but Ben did tell Phoebie that if she should feel scared, she just needed to grab his arm. So Phoebie grabbed her Papa’s arm on the entire ride. 

When asked if she wanted to go again, Phoebie declined but said, “At least I tried.” What an awesome thought! That’s right! At least you tried, baby girl!

After that first ride, Phoebie would check her height at every ride. If she met the height requirement, she would proudly declare that she was tall enough. If she wasn’t, we would remind her that she has to eat all her food at every meal to grow taller.

I didn’t think we were very early at the theme park, but because it wasn’t crowded at all, the staff allowed Phoebie to go on this ride for three consecutive rounds. By the third round, I told her it was enough and that we should move on to other rides.

I guess that’s one of the things I like about Legoland Malaysia. The queues for rides are not very long and if there was no one in line, the staff would allow the kids to go on more rounds.

Phoebie declared herself as the sword welding knight princess, and she was there to thank the “blacksmith” for making her sword.

One of the highlights of this trip has got to be when we decided to go to the Lego City Stage to watch a performance. The show was scheduled at 12.30pm but we went over before 12 to hide from the hot weather. The venue is fully air-conditioned and when we got there, we found some surprises for Phoebie.

In line with the March school holidays, they had a performance by Lego Friends. There were also activities that kids could participate in.

 There was face painting.

 There was also a manicure station for kids. These activities kept Phoebie occupied while waiting for the show to start.

 The air-conditioned venue was great because Breyen napped nicely and comfortably. 

 Both the kids were occupied, so we had a little couple time.

 When the host of the show invited all the kids to the front, Phoebie jumped up. She probably had the best place because she was right next to the stairway. 

 When they called for volunteers, Phoebie was easily chosen, thanks to where she was standing. 

 After the show, Phoebie declared, “They are my favourite girls!” Hahaha…

  We spent all day taking rides of all sorts and participated in activities of all kinds. 

One of the places I visited in Legoland Malaysia on this trip that I didn’t the last time was the Baby Centre. 

 It is located in Imagination Land and is right opposite the playground. So Phoebie played at the playground with Ben while I brought Breyen to the facility..

The baby centre is cosy and well-equipped. I love that it is quiet in there. The only thing though, is that strollers are not allowed in the centre, so mummies have to grab everything while carrying the baby before they enter the centre. Then again, the staff in charge of the centre is very attentive. While I was there, I saw her going to the door to help the mummies every time someone came to the door. So thumbs up for the service.

After this trip, I have learnt that a day trip to Legoland Malaysia isn’t hard to achieve. More trips to come! Maybe we can consider the annual pass soon. 


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