Parenthood – Tell It Like It Really Is

One of my fellow mummy friends tagged me on Facebook when she shared an article about parenthood. As I read the article, I laughed and nodded along. I applaud the writer because she told it as it is, and that is certainly the way people should share about parenthood. 

No, parenthood isn’t always a bed of roses and hugs and kisses. No, parenthood isn’t always about how in love you are with your child. No, parenthood isn’t always blue skies, birds chirping and green grass. And no, parenthood isn’t always having your children listen to all your instructions.

But here’s what parenthood is. 

Parenthood is many smelly dirty diapers. 

Parenthood is waking up multiple times at night just to comfort your crying child.

Parenthood is cooking all that food, thinking that your child will enjoy them, only to have the food left not even half eaten.

Parenthood is feeling like your blood pressure will hit an ultimate high and that your blood will boil over because you have repeated your warnings so many times, only to have them go unheeded.

Parenthood is tons of frustration and despair, often wondering if you have done anything wrong or if you could have done things more right (if there is even such a thing).

Parenthood is endless worrying. You worry about the amount of food your child eats. You worry about how your child fairs on the growth chart. You worry about whether your child is doing well in school and whether she is getting bullied. You worry about the persistent fever and pray it goes away in an instant. You worry about the kind of friends your child will make. You worry about what kind of friend your child will be. You worry about how your child will manage with every challenge that life brings.

Parenthood is wanting to scream when you feel like you’ve lost it but also know you will regret screaming because you might scar your child in some way.

Most of all, parenthood is also…

A lifetime commitment to that being that you see from the day he or she came into existence, trying your utmost to provide and do everything within (sometimes even beyond) your best for that being. 

Parenthood is a lifetime of unconditional love, no matter how angry you may be at times.

Parenthood is wanting to make that precious one a better person than you are.

And parenthood is always having open arms to embrace your child whenever he or she comes running back to you for comfort.

That’s parenthood. Tell it like it truly is.


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