Toys Classification

I was looking through a mailer from a departmental store that I am a member of. Some of the toys caught my attention because I knew my daughter would love. And then I noticed the “category” the toys were under. 

Boys. That’s right. 

Honestly, I would call these “action figures” instead.

I flipped the pages and noticed more.

As expected, what I would have categorized as just “dolls” was under girls.

And then there were in the betweens. They were categorized as educational and cars. If these toys are not gender-typed, I don’t see why action figures and dolls should be.

It is a growing peeve of a lot of parents how a lot of shops categorize their toys. 

I know of many girls who love cars, toy guns and action figures more than some boys do. Likewise, I know many boys who love dolls a lot more than my daughter does. So why the need to gender type some toys? There are other ways of naming the sections in the toys department, other than labeling them boys or girls.

I don’t want my daughter to think that she is being a boy or that there is anything less girlish about her just because she picked something out from the boys section. Likewise, I won’t want my son to think that he cannot play with a doll or a kitchen set just because they are from the girls section. 

“No one will care about the names of the toys section. Who cares what toys your kids play with?” You may say. 

I agree, some people do not care. But there are always those that tend to stereotype children based on the toys section they pick things out from, and the stereotype mainly comes from the names of the section in the toys store.

So, please, toys stores big and small, reconsider how you name the sections. Do away with gender-typing. 

Gender-typing toys is almost like saying only boys can be race car drivers or engineers, and only girls can be hair stylists or home makers.

Stop gender-typing toys.


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