Breyen rolled all over the bed before he fell asleep on my arm, over my shoulder. 

When I was certain that he was deep in sleep, I carefully wriggled myself away from him and placed him in his crib. With him sound asleep, I told my husband that I was going to take a shower. 

Alas, just as I was finishing up, I heard Breyen cry. When I stepped out from the bathroom, Breyen was in my husband’s arms, turning to see me. He quietened down, seeing I was there. 

I walked to the wardrobe area to get my face cream. The moment I was out of sight, Breyen cried again. He only stopped when I came back in view. 

My hair was still wet, so I wrapped it in a towel. I climbed onto my bed and stretched my hands towards Breyen. In his drowsiness, he looked at me for two seconds before leaning over. He laid down on my chest and looked up at me again, as if making sure that it was mummy who was comforting him.

He snuggled and hugged me and looked up at me again. 

My face was dry from the face cream, so I put on my glasses as i comforted Breyen. He looked up at my face again and stared, as if he needed more confirmation that it was mummy. Breyen repeated that a few more times.

Finally, as if he was satisfied and assured, he rolled himself onto the bed, off from my chest and fell back asleep.

How simple a baby is.


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