Stocking Up At The Right Time

Some time in January this year, I wrote about how I create savings as a stay-at-home-mum. One of the points I mentioned was to stock up at the right time, and stock up I did.

My all-time favourite place to buy items for party favours for kids,, had its annual CNY sale over the weekend. Everything was going at 50% off! That means, the items are cheaper than cheap. Instead of $1, the items only cost $0.50!!

The last time I bought things from The website was for Phoebie’s birthday, so I know that the things from there are not just cheap. They are cheap and of good quality. So when I found out about the sale, I knew that I had to stock up for this year’s parties. Now that I have two kids, it means two birthday parties each year, which also means two sets of expenses. So saving money is very important.

I’m actually quite excited to share my loot from the sale.

IMG_0643 Yes I bought that many!

Haha… I kept in mind that Phoebie’s birthday means two sets of goodies bags because one set would be for her classmates and one set would be for her party with her friends.

Let’s take a closer look at what I bought.











IMG_0642 Looking at all these items, I still can’t believe I got all of them at half price, when their original price is already crazy cheap.

I’m keeping my eyes on the Facebook page of OneDollarOnly for more of its upcoming events where I can save money again.


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