Cleaning Tips

Facebook has always been a good source for me where friends share all kinds of articles. As a Mum, I especially love articles that teaches life hacks or cleaning tips.

Recently, there was one such article circulating on my news feed.

In the article, more than ten cleaning tips were shared and a few of them caught my attention. I wanted to try them out because I have been trying to find ways that are chemical-free to clean some of these things.

2015/01/img_9604.png I decided to try this tip from the article, (link here: because well, I know my microwave oven needs a good cleaning but I am reluctant to spray chemicals in it and I have no time to scrub it.

I followed the instructions, mixing water and vinegar in a bowl and heating the solution in the microwave for two minutes.

2015/01/img_9645.jpg After letting the steam from the solution sit in the closed microwave oven for a few minutes, I opened the oven door.

2015/01/img_9646.jpg Without much effort, I wiped some yucky grim off the walls on the inside of the microwave oven. Very effective!

The walls in the microwave oven cooled down pretty quickly so after a few wipes, I closed the oven door and heated the water-vinegar solution in it again for another minute and let the solution sit in the oven for another few minutes while I did other things around the kitchen. I returned to the microwave oven and wiped it a couple of times again.

I love this tip because the cleaning is easy and I didn’t have to use any chemicals. I shared this experience with my friends and one of them suggested squeezing lemon into he water instead of using vinegar. That way, she said, the smell is nicer. I’ll definitely try that the next time.


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