Improvised Cooking – Chicken and Mushroom Baked Rice

Recently, I have been seeing many pictures of baked rice on my Facebook news feed. It got me tempted to try and make my own.

I love the fish baked rice at Swensen’s but I’ve never made my own before. I was worried that this dish would be a lot of work, so I decided to look at a few recipes online. Finally, I settled for the Chicken and Mushroom Baked Rice from Well, I’m a noob at cooking baked rice, so this recipe shouldn’t be too complicated. Haha…

Right before I started cooking, I realised that I didn’t have chicken! In the end, I decided to improvise from the recipe and used whatever I could find in my kitchen.

20141111-211242.jpg I substituted fresh chicken with chicken nuggets. I was cooking for two, so I used 8 pieces.

20141111-211404.jpg First, I sautéed the sliced button mushrooms in butter.

20141111-211446.jpg Next, I added 1 cup of (washed) rice into the saucepan and stirred the rice with the mushrooms.

20141111-211604.jpg Once the rice absorbed the butter, I poured the contents of the saucepan into my rice cooker pot.

20141111-211656.jpg I added the frozen chicken nuggets and water (the usual amount that I add to cook one cup of rice) and cooked everything in the rice cooker.


20141111-211814.jpg When the rice cooker was done cooking, I poured everything into a casserole.


20141111-211917.jpg Next, I poured one can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom on top of the rice.

20141111-212006.jpg I then put enough Parmesan and cheddar cheese to cover the entire top layer of the casserole.

20141111-212312.jpg The casserole then went into the preheated oven that was at 200 degrees C for about 20 minutes.


20141111-212441.jpg Tadah! My improvised Chicken and Mushroom Baked Rice!

So it wasn’t as difficult as I thought after all. Looks like I can do this again the next time I need to make a one-dish-meal or if I have cravings for baked rice.


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