Phoebie’s Birthday Party – Entertainment

After I was done with the goody bags for Phoebie’s birthday party, I looked forward to seeing her have fun and finally celebrate the birthday she had been nagging about for months. Yet at the same time, I couldn’t wait for it to be over, so that we could carry on with our day-to-day things. Haha…

This year, we were blessed that a couple of my good friends helped us book the function room at their condominium as the venue for Phoebie’s birthday. With that, we saved on venue. At the same time, a function room for venue would mean that I needed to look for things to entertain the kids with.

Let’s face it. Kids are not like adults, who will sit around with food on their plates or a drink in their hands and just chit chat till the party is over. Kids will get bored after a while if there is nothing to do.

One of the things that most kids adore is a balloon. At a party, we probably needed plenty of them, so I started looking at how we could have loads of balloons and yet not burn a hole in our pockets. I considered buying balloon bouquets from party shops, but in the end, we decided on getting a small tank and pumping the balloons ourselves, and with help from family and friends.

20141023-141219.jpg We got this from Spotlight at Plaza Singapura, and with a $10 voucher, we got our 30 over party balloons at about $50.

While thinking about how we could entertain the kids, I remembered someone we met at a wedding. Okay, we didn’t exactly meet him. We saw him perform. I decided to get his contact from the couple whose wedding we saw him at and enquired about his rates. Deeming that his rates were reasonable and certainly affordable, we hired him for Phoebie’s birthday party.


20141023-141647.jpg Meet Jerryl the Magician! Thanks to him, the kids at the party were entertained and enjoyed loads of laughter for half an hour. His rates are affordable too, so if anyone needs his contact, send me a message and I’ll share it.

At a three hour long birthday party, the kids probably need some time to eat and run around a little. 30 minutes of entertainment isn’t long, but for a preschooler’s birthday party, it’s enough to keep the kids happy.



20141023-142050.jpg What mattered to me most was that the star of the party, my daughter, was very entertained and very happy. That is enough for me to make me feel that the money was well spent.

So with a party programme that went like this:

5.30pm – Party starts
7.00pm – Special Programme
7.30pm – Cake cutting
8.30pm – Party ends

We celebrated Phoebie’s fourth birthday, with food, playground time, entertainment by a magician and a rainbow cake baked by yours truly.

20141023-142620.jpg And there she is, four years old now.

Organizing a party for children can be tiring, but that happy child is worth all the effort.

I’m also thankful for family and friends who are always willing to help. Be it with decoration, food or even getting a place for the party, all the help make the party a success.


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