Phoebie’s Birthday Party – Goody Bags

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Phoebie’s fourth birthday. Other than a party we organized (which required quite some effort), her school also celebrated for her during school assembly. As Phoebie’s school does not allow birthday cakes, in protection of children who may have allergies, we only had to prepare two things for her – a party dress and goody bags for her classmates.

Packing a goody bag, or party pack, for a preschooler’s birthday, is really no joke. First, we have to consider age appropriateness of the items, and then there’s the price of each item. If we only needed a small amount of goody bags, of course we can spend more on each bag.

This time, adding Phoebie’s party guests and her classmates, I had more than 40 bags to prepare. The expenses definitely add up.

Last year, I headed to Daiso and some neighbourhood shops to buy the items for the goody bags. I thought I had gotten very good deals. This year, however, I discovered a website that offered me even better deals.

This website is .

20141021-124854.jpg With more than 200 items going at $1 per item (some items cost slightly more), it is a great place to shop for party favour items! It also helps that with a certain amount of purchase, delivery is free.

The best part? I managed to shop in the comfort of my home! I didn’t need to go out and lug 40 over goody bags worth of items home.

20141021-125326.jpg Phoebie was really happy when the goody bags items arrived at our door step.


20141021-125454.jpg You probably wouldn’t have guessed that those beautiful canisters contain colour pencils and only cost $1.50 each. The rubber stamps in the middle cost $1, and come at a package price because I bought two boxes. The flower pot card holders are also just $1 each.

20141021-125849.jpg Phoebie became my little helper as I packed the items into the goody bags.

On top of the items I bought from onedollaronly, I added packets of M&M’s and some candy. So the price of each goody bag was about $3. Multiply that by 45 and that would be how much we spent on goody bags alone.

And this is why, with a website like onedollaronly, parents can save a lot of money while packing quality and interesting goody bags for children’s birthday parties. I know I’ll be back at the website again soon.


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