Somewhere Over the Rainbow

We celebrated Phoebie’s birthday with a small party over the weekend and had the friends she grew up with come and have fun with her.

The months leading up to her birthday, Phoebie had been asking when her birthday would come. Now that she is old enough to understand what a birthday is, she looked forward to celebrating it.

During the time Phoebie was asking about her birthday, I had a crazy idea – to bake this year’s birthday cake for her. It’s crazy because I have a little baby to handle. Along with all the day-to-day matters, it’s already quite crazy.

Still, I was determined to give Phoebie something special this year.

Phoebie loves drawing rainbows, so I decided to make a rainbow cake. The biggest problem with this idea, however, was that I haven’t baked a cake in more than 10 years. Sure, I bake cookies every now and then, but cake? No.

I needed a foolproof recipe for cake, and when I googled “rainbow cake”, one of the things that came up was to make rainbow cake using Betty Crocker’s cake mix and decided to use this method. This way, even if the cake turned out ugly, at least the taste was there.

And so my rainbow cake adventure began. Since I decided to use Betty Crocker’s cake mix, I used its rainbow cake method too.

20141014-190208.jpg This was the result of my first attempt. I found this method tedious, and it didn’t help that I didn’t know how to make frosting. I then decided to explore other ways to make the cake.

I knew that having to practice making the rainbow cake meant that my family would have to eat a lot of cake, so for my next attempt, I decided to make cupcakes.

20141014-190502.jpg I baked the layers one after another, as one would do with a kueh lapis. It took more time than it would to bake a cake with all the mixture at one go, but I was pleased with the results.

There was a third method that I saw online, and since I had time before Phoebie’s birthday party, I decided to try it.







20141014-191013.jpg This method was a little tricky in terms of pouring the different colours into the baking tin. The rainbow would also be presented in a different manner.

20141014-191147.jpg This was the result from my attempt and I was so happy that the rainbow, while different, looked nice.

That left me in a dilemma. Which method should I use, method two or method three?

In the end, I decided on baking a two tier cake and decided to use both methods.

For the top tier, I used half a box of the cake mix and a 7 inch cake tin. For the bottom tier, I used one and a half boxes of cake mix and a 10 inch cake tin.

Phoebie requested to have chocolate in her cake, so I also learnt to make chocolate cream frosting.




20141014-191807.jpg Tadah! Phoebie’s birthday cake!

The cream was clearly quite ugly but Phoebie didn’t seem to care. Haha…

20141014-191904.jpg I love how the bottom tier turned out. The top tier, however, didn’t turn out as well as it did during my practice. I was just thankful that the more visible one looked okay.

All the kids were attracted to the M&M’s chocolate on the cake and kept requesting for them.

20141014-192332.jpg What started as a crazy idea was all worth it when Phoebie was so happy at her birthday party.

Okay, enough cakes for a while. Hahahaha…


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