Gifts for Teacher’s Day 2014 (Part 2)

Yesterday, I wrote about one part of the teacher’s day gifts I had prepared for Phoebie’s teachers this year – origami tulips. Today, here’s part two of the gifts I prepared. This one was for the staff team at the school.

I know I don’t have to go to the extend of preparing something for the staff team, but I wanted to show my appreciation for them. I don’t go to Phoebie’s school often but of the few times I have been there, the staff team never fails to impress me with the amount of “heart” they put into caring for the children.

20140904-161654.jpg This was what I presented them with.

Recently, I am into baking with premix cake mixtures. I love the therapeutic process of baking but I don’t necessarily have time to bake from scratch, so premix gives me the best of both worlds – the baking satisfaction and time saved.

20140904-161919.jpg This was the first time I tried Betty Crocker’s premix and I loved it!

20140904-162026.jpg After mixing the ingredients listed on the box with the premix, I poured the mixture into my cupcake tray and watched excitedly as the cakes rose.

20140904-162145.jpg I then left the cakes to cool down completely.

20140904-162240.jpg Next, I mixed 250g of cream cheese (that was left to soften) with about four tablespoons of Nutella until I got a smooth consistency.

20140904-162404.jpg I then spread a layer of Nutella cream cheese on each cupcake and lines them up according to the formation I needed.

20140904-162520.jpg I found these in the house and thought they would be great for spelling the words and decorating the cupcakes.

20140904-162622.jpg Slowly, I broke the biscuits into the length I needed for each letter and formed each word.

20140904-162727.jpg After adding the M & M’s, the whole presentation looked more colourful.

This was also the first time I made cupcakes. The first sentiment I got was how expensive cupcakes sold in cake shops actually are. Of course, the cost would be justified if the ingredients in the cupcakes are special, but otherwise, I now think I may just want to bake them if my kids want to eat.

So there, this was my second gift for Phoebie’s teachers. I hope the staff team liked it.

Overall, I probably spent less than $20 for all the gifts. Not extravagant, not expensive but presentable and made with appreciation.


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