Gifts for Teacher’s Day 2014 (Part 1)

Both Ben and I appreciate the teachers in Phoebie’s school because we know it is not easy to look after a preschooler, let alone a whole classroom of them.

Teacher’s Day this year will be celebrated in Phoebie’s school tomorrow, and because I was worried that Phoebie cannot manage the gifts while taking the school bus, I made use of the “golden opportunity” when I found out Ben was going into work late today.

I prepared two sets of gifts to show our appreciation – one for Phoebie’s class teachers and one for the whole staff team. I will share about the second gift tomorrow. For now, here’s the gift I prepared for Phoebie’s class teachers.

Origami Tulips
I thought of making origami flowers for the teachers but my knowledge of origami is limited, so I decided to google for origami instructions. Thankfully, I found this website with really clear step by step instructions for origami. I managed to find instructions both for the origami tulip leaf and origami tulip.

Before I could start, however, I realized I didn’t have the right shaped paper to do the origami.

20140903-123118.jpg What I do have is a big stack of colourful rectangular pieces of paper.

So before I could even do the origami flower, I had to make square pieces of paper.

20140903-123251.jpg First, I folded one corner to meet the length of the paper.

20140903-123400.jpg Next, I folded the other side of the paper in.

20140903-123443.jpg Then I cut along the fold line of the second fold.

20140903-123530.jpg And there! My square piece of paper.

Next, I followed the instructions on the website for both the origami tulip and tulip leaf. And this is what I had when I was done.


20140903-123708.jpg This is the tulip.

20140903-123736.jpg and these are the tulip leaves.


20140903-123821.jpg After attaching the tulips on the leaves, this was what I had.

The tulips cannot stand well on their own, so I decided to make a base for each of them.


20140903-124015.jpg I had a cardboard as the base and mounting tape to secure the flower to it.

20140903-124050.jpg After writing some words on the leaf, the gift was done.

20140903-124130.jpg Simple and inexpensive, yet pretty to look at.

I hope Phoebie’s teachers will like them.


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