Ironing Bed Sheet – The Cheating Way

Just the other day, I was changing the bed sheet for my bed, and then I noticed how wrinkled the clean bed sheet was.

Now, I’m someone who doesn’t normally iron my bed sheet. To me, it’s like a “What for? When you sleep in it, it gets wrinkled anyway… And no one sees it but you.” But the bed sheet I was changing was so wrinkled that even a slop like me couldn’t take it.

The thing though, was that I didn’t want to waste time setting up the ironing board. The kids were napping and they could wake up anytime. And then a light bulb lit up in my head.

20140819-133647.jpg That’s right, I put the wrinkled bed sheet on my mattress, hooked up the iron with an extension cable, and ironed the bed sheet directly on the bed. Haha…

I’m thankful the kids were taking a nap because it would have been dangerous otherwise. Phoebie would have wanted to do what I was doing and an almost-four-year-old preschooler is definitely too young to handle the iron.

20140819-133931.jpg And so I ironed away, starting from the inner corner to the outer side, so that I wouldn’t mess the bed sheet up as I moved and ironed all over the bed.


20140819-134118.jpg And then I ironed the sides of the bed sheet. I left the sides against the walls as they were because I wasn’t going to see them once I pushed my mattress back in place.

20140819-134618.jpg And done! Haha… The bed sheet wasn’t like starched straight when I was done, but at least it was lesser of an eye sore.

So if there’s not much time to iron bed sheets, this will do.


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