National Day Celebrations 2014

Singapore celebrated 49 years of independence and nationhood yesterday!

We made use of the day and spent some quality time with the kids.

20140810-084742.jpg I slept in a little and woke up to this adorable face. Seeing your baby soundly and safely asleep is probably one of the most thankful things a Mother can ask for.

20140810-085103.jpg Phoebie had learnt a national song called “My Island Home“, the National Day Theme Song from 2006 and loved singing it.

20140810-085433.jpg Eating is probably one of our nation’s favourite things to do and what better way to celebrate Singapore’s birthday than having a feast of one of the local favourites!

After a really hearty meal, we made our way to Upper Peirce Reservoir for some quiet family time. I love that it wasn’t crowded and we got to enjoy a more serene and scenic part of Singapore.






20140810-085953.jpg We spent some time taking pictures and creating some evidence of our time together. After that, we put the phones away and simply focused on having a good time with the kids.

Ben and I took turns to spend time with Phoebie and Breyen separately and then came together as a family again. I liked that we got to share some bonding time with each child and each parent individually. I hope this is something that the kids will remember as they grow up.

After our family time, we prepared to join a few friends to watch the National Day Parade.

20140810-090419.jpg Phoebie and her good friend, Eva, sang with such gusto as the National anthem was played during the Parade.

20140810-090524.jpg I love how focused the kids were, watching the contingents march.


20140810-090639.jpg There was of course, good food and loads of fun as the kids played and almost tore the house down. Haha…

The significance of Singapore’s National Day to me has changed over the years. As a child, I remember looking forward to this day, just so that I could watch the parade, hold up my flag proudly and sing of my innocent love for my country.

Of course, there were certain years that I didn’t seem to even bother that it was National Day.

There was one year, however, that made me really look forward to Singapore’s birthday. My husband was one of the flag bearers and I had the opportunity to attend one of the rehearsals of the parade. Even though it was just a rehearsal, the atmosphere was so contagious that I felt really patriotic.

Having lived overseas for some time, it made me appreciate Singapore even more. I appreciate Singapore for its safety, its racial harmony and the wonderful food that have become world famous.

Sure, there are many things to complain about every day, but no one can deny how safe our little country is. Most of us feel safe enough to go out late at night and not worry about crimes.

No one can deny how harmonious the different ethnic groups in Singapore have been living together after so many years. It isn’t an easy feat and we have grown together and learnt the many different cultures can co-exist.

No one can deny how much good food Singapore has! Not the restaurant kind of food, but our local delights! In fact, this is one of the things that I missed the most when I was living overseas.

Happy birthday, Singapore! Thank you for the world class education you have given me, and for a safe haven where I grew up. May my children and the generations beyond grow to love, appreciate and cherish what you have to offer.


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