Lunching Out Alone With Two Kids

I did it! As crazy and impossible as I thought it would be, I brought Phoebie and Breyen out for lunch on my own!

Phoebie had an early day in school today because of National Day Celebrations and would be home by lunch time. I thought about what to cook for lunch and gave up after a while. I figured it might quite be an adventure to bring both Phoebie and Breyen out for lunch, and well, there’s always a first time for everything.

Right after Phoebie alighted her school bus, we went on our way to the mall nearby for lunch. I tried my best to think of food that Phoebie would definitely eat on her own without much nagging and asked her, “Udon or pizza?”

“Udon,” she said, and I knew where we had to go.

20140807-161107.jpg While I was ordering my food , Phoebie got busy and entertained herself with the games at the restaurant.

20140807-161226.jpg Breyen was kicking in his stroller, but he was quiet, much to my relief.

20140807-161318.jpg When Phoebie’s food came, she started to kick a fuss and I had to hold my breathe so that I wouldn’t blow up at her. She must hv been quite hungry and wanted to eat her food quickly, but the udon was piping hot. I tried my best to blow at her food and reminded her to do the same before she ate. In her hurry, she must have burnt herself a little and started whining. I told her that if she was going to whine, she wasn’t going to get her food. After a couple of reminders, she finally settled herself down and ate her food.

20140807-162036.jpgThankfully, the meal went on quite smoothly from there. I ate my handrolls and sushi as quickly as I could and just as I finished, Breyen started to whine. I picked him up and sat him on my lap while making sure that Phoebie was eating her food.

20140807-161817.jpg I thought it was pretty good that I managed to take a nice picture with the kids to commemorate the lunch. Haha…

Just as I was paying for lunch, Breyen started to cry. It was his turn for lunch. I guess my plan to feed him when we got home wasn’t going to work. I hurriedly brought the kids to the nursing room in the mall.

20140807-162126.jpg Phoebie helped to entertain Breyen while I got ready to feed Breyen.

To be honest, I was worried that Phoebie would open the door to the nursing room while I was feeding Breyen. Thankfully, I thought of giving her a pen and a piece of paper to draw on. That kept her occupied long enough for me to feed Breyen.

After Breyen had his lunch, I told Phoebie we had to go to the supermarket. In my mind, I was thinking that I had to hurry because I knew Phoebie would be tired since she woke up at 6 in the morning.

True enough, she started to whine again when we were buying groceries. It didn’t help that I was getting irritated by this woman who inconsiderately left her shopping cart in the middle of one lane while taking up another lane to pick out her fish. I wanted to say “b*tch” but Phoebie was there, so I just thought it in my head.

20140807-162737.jpg Phoebie wanted to hold the bananas we were buying and refused to stand properly. I really had to hold myself back from raising my voice. I didn’t want to hold up the line with my already-tired-and-whiny preschooler, so I just told her firmly to move.

20140807-162927.jpg Tired as she was, she seemed happy on our way home from the short lunch outing. I’m glad I managed to hold my temper and didn’t spoil the outing.

20140807-163040.jpg It started to drizzle when we arrived at our station. I didn’t have an umbrella with me, so I whipped out my nursing shawl and covered Phoebie with it, while Breyen was covered in the stroller.

Phoebie asked me why she was covered with the “milk thing” and I told her it was because it was drizzling. She must have found it quite funny.

The outing ended with Phoebie telling me that she wanted a snack when we got home.

I was quite glad when she said, “I’m tired…”

20140807-163440.jpg So there, the big baby was down for her nap.

20140807-163517.jpg And the small baby fell asleep on me. Haha…

So okay, bringing the kids out for lunch on my own isn’t that all that impossible after all. As long as I prepare myself and remind myself to be firm with Phoebie but not flare up at her, and to remain calm when Breyen cries, I can do it.


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