Midnight Tantrums

You read the title right. That was what happened last night.

It didn’t help that I have had a really bad sore throat for two nights. My throat hurt so bad that it took me some time to fall asleep.

When I finally got to sleep last night, I was awakened by screaming and yelling from Phoebie’s room. “She must have been over-stimulated before bedtime,” I thought to myself and turned to continue sleeping, since I knew Ben was in the room with her.

Until I heard, “I want Mummy!! I want Mummy!!”

Sigh… So in the pain state that I was in, I went over to her room and patted her head and she slowly fell back asleep.

I walked back to my room and looked at the time. 1.38am!!! I barely slept for an hour!

“Oh well… At least she is asleep now,” I thought, drank half of what was in my water bottle and went back to sleep.

“Wahhh!!!! Wahh!!” That woke me up again. I looked at the time. 2.45am!! You have got to be kidding me.

I went over to Phoebie’s room again. This time, I figured she must have been feeling warm. She had been sleeping without the air conditioner since she was not well last week. I patted her head as she quietened down again.

As I sat on her bed, I felt the unbearable pain in my throat again and told Phoebie, “Mummy’s not feeling well. I need to go and lie down in my room, so Papa will sayang you.”

And then she started again. “Noo!! Cannot change person to sayang me!! Cannot change person to sayang me!!” She screamed and yelled and that totally added to my agony.

I walked out and went back to my room and she continued to scream. Ben tried to calm her down but in vain.

It was the middle of the night, I wasn’t feeling well and Phoebie was screaming hysterically – perfect concoction for me to boil over.

I went back to Phoebie’s room and began to yell, “It is the middle of the night! You don’t want to sleep is it? Okay, come with me!” I grabbed her by her arms, brought her to the living room and put her on the play mat.

“You don’t want to sleep is it?” I shouted.

“I want… I want to sleep,” Phoebie sobbed.

“Then why are you throwing a tantrum in the middle of the night? Mama told you, I am not feeling well. I already went to sayang you one hour ago. And here you are, screaming and crying. If you don’t want to sleep, then you stay here. You choose. You want to be here or in your own room.”

Phoebie tried her best to stop crying and said, “I want to sleep in my room.”

“Then go!” I told her.

And she quickly got up and walked back to her room. I must admit that she looked really adorable at that point, trotting back to her room, but of course, I was in no mood to savour her cuteness at that time.

When she went back to her room, I asked Ben to change her and turn on the air conditioner for her, so that she could sleep comfortably.

A while later, I went into her room again and gave her a hug. “I’m sorry for shouting at you. Mama is really tired and my throat is very pain. You don’t cry anymore and sleep, okay?” I told her.

She nodded and quietly went back to sleep.

I went back to bed, only to wake up 30 minutes later to feed Breyen.

What a night…


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