Sick And Well Again

Out of the four school days last week, Phoebie only went to school for one day. It all started with a cough and then eventually escalated to fever and drippy nose.

I knew that if I didn’t have help, I might snap at Phoebie even when I didn’t mean it. Like most kids, Phoebie can be quite whiny and cranky when she is not well. Ben had no choice but to take leave from work.

I must say that I’m really thankful he did. We managed to keep Phoebie and Breyen apart so that Breyen wouldn’t get the germs.

We knew that being home but unable to show affection to the baby brother can frustrate and puzzle Phoebie, so we explained to her that she wouldn’t want Breyen to fall sick. We told her that if she wanted to kiss her brother, she could blow kisses at him instead.

We also constantly reminded Phoebie to wash her hands. Phoebie had watched a Chinese animation about good hygiene habits before, and knew that washing her hands means washing the germs away, so she complied.

Occasionally, Phoebie would get near to Breyen just to see what he was doing. While I would worry that she might cough in his face, Phoebie did a great job and remembered to turn away from Breyen and covered her mouth when she had to cough.

It’s a new week and a new month, and with Phoebie feeling much better, I’m glad she’s back in school.

20140804-162512.jpg Even though she wasn’t well most of last week, I’m glad we shared some good time while she was home.

Now to fatten up my baby girl again after her poor appetite last week.


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