Squeezing Exercises In

Despite being busy with my two kids, my mind is set on losing the pregnancy weight, toning my body and getting myself back in shape. I’m pretty sure a lot of mummies want to do that.

The challenge though, is finding time to do it. Where’s the time to exercise when you have to clean the house, cook meals and look after kids?

It can be done! At least I think it can be done.

Just last weekend, while cooking some stew for friends who were coming over for lunch, I realized that I had time while the stew was simmering in the pot. So I filled up my water bottle and picked it up.



20140722-144839.jpg I started doing some tricep exercises that I remember from gym classes.

20140722-144938.jpg Watching the pot while exercising, it’s a win-win for me!


20140722-145037.jpg Some body twisting helped me loosen up the waist area.


20140722-145147.jpg I remember this standing crunches exercise from my kickboxing class and decided to throw this into the mix.


20140722-145305.jpg I’m not too sure what to call this but hey, with some control in my movements, it does some work for my back and my arms.

Recently, I’ve also “rekindled” my relationship with my gym ball, so that adds to whatever workout I can get while staying home.

The good thing about these few simple exercises is that I can also do them while watching TV with the kids. Of course, to ensure safety, I make sure I have enough space around me before I do them.

On good days when Breyen is napping well while Phoebie is in school, I throw some cardio into the workout routine.

20140722-145630.jpg I turn on my Wii and go into the “Just Sweat” mode of these video games. Dancing around is certainly a total body workout. This allows me to be home with young Breyen while getting some form of exercise.

What if I have a day when none of this is possible? There are definitely many of such days.

Well, I just try to incorporate a little dance into things I do with Phoebie. When we brush our teeth, we dance a little. When she is watching me cook, we dance a little. When she is playing with her toys, we dance a little.

I also try to bring Breyen downstairs a little ahead of the time Phoebie comes home in her school bus so that we can do short walks.

Basically, whatever chance I get, I try to squeeze some exercising in. I’m hoping that every little bit adds up to getting myself back in pre-pregnant-with-Breyen shape.

Call me obsessed or whatever, but I know that getting myself back in shape helps with my mood too. Oh, the joy when I can fit into my old, non-maternity clothes! Hahaha…

Of course, I do allow myself to slack off on some days. Hey, it does tire one out when one has to look after kids 24/7.

The important thing for me is to be aware and conscious of how getting some form of exercise done is possible even when I am a SAHM.


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