Gym Ball To The Rescue (Again)

When I was pregnant with Breyen, I had rather bad backaches. To ease my backache, I bought a gym ball. I sat on it at home and the gym ball helped relief the backache that the weight of the baby had brought me. As a result, I wrote about how the gym ball came to my rescue.

Moving a few months forward, the gym ball had become a white elephant in my home. Sure, it was rolling around somewhere on the living room. I would move it when it got in my way or when I cleaned the floor. The only person who used it was Phoebie.

She would roll the gym ball around or try to bounce off it.

I left my gym ball and almost forgot how much it helped with my backaches.

Until… A few days ago.

Now that Breyen is a few months old, he’s more aware of his surroundings and doesn’t always want to lie down. On some days, he wants to be cuddled for a long time.

I would carry Breyen and walk all over the house, until my shoulders, back and arms start to ache. It didn’t help that he didn’t like it if I sat down.

Some time last week, I decided that I had enough of walking around. Then, from the corner of my eye, I spotted my gym ball!

20140721-134622.jpg I sat on it and bounced as I sang to Breyen. Shortly after, he fell asleep!

How could I have forgotten about my gym ball!

Over the next few days, whenever Breyen was fussy or needed to be cuddled, I would carry him and sit on the gym ball. I would then either bounce gently on the gym ball, or rock side to side or back and forth.

Breyen was clearly soothed by the motion while I was getting some form of exercise. The best part was that my backache and shoulders certainly didn’t ache as much.

20140721-135008.jpgPhoebie saw me rocking Breyen and wanted to be a part of the cuddle. At least on the gym ball, I can hold both their weights.

So once again, the gym ball has saved me!!

As for Breyen, whether it’s because the motion on the gym ball feels familiar to him, or that it is soothing, it works for me since I can at least sit down and comfort him.


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