Improvised Cooking – Chicken Rice

As a mother of two, having to cook dinner every day can be a headache at times. If both kids need me, I can’t cook. If I keep cooking the same dishes, dinner gets boring. So in short, I need fast and innovative recipes.

For tonight’s dinner, I had planned to cook chicken macaroni soup but when I told Phoebie, she said no, she wanted chicken rice.


But… I already cooked the chicken stock for the dish!!

20140721-205653.jpg I had made chicken stock with one packet of chicken bones and one chicken breast.

To make the chicken rice that my little girl had asked for, I decided to improvise.

20140721-205955.jpg As per how I would shred the chicken breast used to make the stock for my usual chicken macaroni soup, I scooped out the chicken breast and started shredding.

20140721-210149.jpg Next, I marinated the shredded chicken breast with light soy sauce and sesame oil.

20140721-210532.jpg We usually can’t finish the chicken breast, so I stored the marinated chicken in a box.

To cook the rice, I scooped the chicken stock into the rice pot and mixed it with the rice to cook.

After that, I added cabbage to the remaining stock.

20140721-210723.jpg This way, we have some vegetables for the meal.

20140721-210803.jpg Tadah! The improvised chicken rice!

The rice was quite tasty, although, of course, it can’t be compared to chicken rice from chicken rice stalls. But for something that’s cooked without all the ingredients that chicken rice stalls use, this is not bad i think. It helped that the shredded chicken breast was marinated, so there was more flavour.

So there, my “cheat” improvised chicken rice, invented because of my little girl’s request.


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