Nutella Cheesecake

Yesterday, I saw one of my friends share this Nutella Cheesecake recipe from Rasa Malaysia and I was so tempted to try. Seeing that it is a no-bake recipe, I knew that I had to do it because it wouldn’t be too time consuming.

So I made it today. Hahaha…

However, I couldn’t find any hazelnut at the supermarket, so I made my version without it.

20140715-222616.jpg Breyen was crying when I was weighing the digestive biscuits, so I put them all in a ziplock bag and crushed them with my hands while rocking Breyen in his rocker.

20140715-222744.jpg I then mixed the crushed digestive biscuits with butter and some Nutella,

20140715-222830.jpg poured the mixture into my 9-inch baking tin,

20140715-222913.jpg spread and pressed the mixture down as base of the cheesecake,

20140715-223508.jpg and put the tin in the fridge.

Next, I worked on the cream cheese.


20140715-223601.jpgFirst went the cream cheese and icing sugar,

20140715-223702.jpg then the Nutella.

20140715-223731.jpg I always love seeing the mixture’s colour change. It feels like I am doing a science experiment. Hahaha…

20140715-223825.jpg Next, I poured the Nutella cream cheese into the tin where the base is.



20140715-223938.jpg Then I leveled the cream cheese, covered the tin and put it into the fridge.

The recipe said the cheesecake has to be refrigerated for at least four hours, so I made it after I had lunch so that the cake would be ready by dinner time and we could have it for dessert.


20140715-224156.jpg Tadah! The no-bake Nutella cheesecake (with no hazelnuts)!


20140715-224253.jpg It was nice to see that both Ben and Phoebie liked the cheesecake.

Ben said that the cheesecake was a little sweet. I found it a little too Nutella-ish. I could barely taste the cheese.

The next time I make this no-bake Nutella cheesecake, I’m going to modify the recipe and add more cream cheese to bring up the cheese taste.


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