Blog Train

What’s a blog train? I had no idea until my childhood friend, Enon, told me about it. Like me, Enon blogs about her life as a mum. What’s different is that she’s a full time working mum, and she blogs about beauty products (which I’m honestly no good at) that she’s tried.

Through this blog train, you can trace the people who are passing on the baton one by one. All you have to do is click on the people before and after me, and the people before and after them.

Part of this blog train, I will need to answer the following:

What am i working on?
On normal days, I am a stay-at-home-mum. I stay home with my two kids, the older one being a preschooler who is almost four years old, and the younger one being a newborn who is barely three months old. So most of my blog entries are about my life as a SAHM and my adventures with my kids. Being a SAHM also means I do a lot of shopping for my home as well as try out products that I use around the house, so occasionally I will write about sales I go to, and products I have tried.

On not-so-normal days, I’m a freelance emcee who hosts functions and events. I become a part time working mum and pass on the care giving of my kids to my husband or my mum. I like to write about the events I am involved in.

I am also an avid photographer who loves taking photos of my loves ones. When given the chance, I also do simple photo shoots for friends, so I also write about what I learn from these shoots, as well as share the photos here.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
Not only do I write about my own life, I also like to share articles that I read. From household information to parenting articles, as long as I think it might be useful to fellow mummies, I like to share them.

Because of my social work and counseling background (I have a degree in social work and worked in the social service sector for 6 years before I left my job to stay home to be a mum full time), I like reading up about the development of children. I also like to read up about different parenting styles and views. I develop my own thoughts about these information and write about them according to what I think.

Why Do I Write What I Do?
I believe that my challenges as a mum are not unique to myself. Whether you are a working mum or a stay-at-home-mum like me, you may face similar challenges that I have faced. I hope that through my sharing, fellow mummies know that they are not alone in their challenges. My ways of tackling my challenges may not be the most ideal ways but they are ways I have attempted.

How Does My Writing Process Work?
I get a lot of random thoughts and ideas while taking care of my children. If I have the time when the ideas come, I start writing them immediately. If I am busy at that moment, I make a note in my phone and come back to the topic when my children are sleeping.

Some topics I write about require some reference, so I will do some research before I write. Once I have enough information, I start working on the blog entry.

The one before me in this blog train:
Enon Poh – As mentioned at the beginning of this entry, Enon is my childhood friend and I have known her since primary one. We may not have been close for all of the past 24 years, but she is certainly someone who has had a significant role to play at certain points in my life. It’s great to see how she has blossomed as a mother and how hard she works to juggle between work and family life.

The one after me in this blog train:
Dawnie Mrs Bear – I met Dawn at my last full time job in the social service sector. Dawn is passionate about her work with youths and is great at what she does. Like me, she is a mother of two and her elder daughter was born just days apart from my elder daughter. Dawn has her own sets of challenges as a working mum and shares about it in her blog.


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