Getting Rid of Baby’s Mucus

Breyen’s breathing was rather noisy last night and after checking on him, it sounded like he was having a stuffy nose.

I couldn’t remember where the bulb syringe to suck mucus out from his nose is, so I resorted to using my own mouth to suck the mucus from his nose. That’s right, I put my mouth at my son’s nose to suck out the mucus. Needless to say, he screamed the house down.

After he finally fell back asleep, I searched for the bulb syringe but failed to find it. I made a mental note to get one today.

While at the mall, I saw a baby products sale and figured I could find the bulb syringe there. I couldn’t find it but found something else instead.



20140623-153403.jpg I never used a nasal aspirator with Phoebie but remembering how sometimes the bulb syringe is not strong enough to suck mucus out of the baby’s nose, I decided to buy this and try it out.

I washed and dried the nasal aspirator and waited for Breyen to wake up before attempting to clear his mucus using the nasal aspirator.

20140623-153636.jpg His nostrils were too small for me to just stick the nasal aspirator at his nose, so I gently but firmly held it there while sucking the tube. It’s not easy to suck and Breyen clearly didn’t enjoy it, but it was definitely more hygienic than putting my mouth on his nose. The suction was also definitely better than the bulb syringe since it depended on how hard I sucked.

20140623-153955.jpg Poor Breyen had to bear with it when I tried my best to help him clear his nasal congestion.

20140623-154041.jpg After a few minutes, I was relieved to see the mucus in the tube. Success!

While it’s uncomfortable for the baby, the nasal aspirator is now my preferred choice to help Breyen clear his nasal congestion. It’s more hygienic (and less scary) than putting my mouth directly on his nose, and the suction is better than using a bulb syringe.

I continued to google and read up about ridding mucus from baby’s nose and realized I had missed one step that can help loosen mucus before I suck it out from Breyen’s nose – to put saline into his nose. However, I am reluctant to spray or even drip saline into his nose because I personally don’t like that feeling. I also remember how Phoebie used to cry and scream whenever I had to spray saline into her nose.

After reading a few articles, I found a great tip and tried it on Breyen. Instead of spraying or dripping saline into the nose, we can use a cotton bud to apply the saline into the nose. The tip says to dip the cotton bud in saline and then swab the baby’s nose with the cotton bud. The saline will then loosen the mucus which will make it easier to suck the mucus out.

20140624-032041.jpg This was the amount of mucus I managed to suck out using the nasal aspirator after putting saline into Breyen’s nose using a cotton bud. It was definitely much easier to suck out the mucus after putting saline into his nose.


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