Stay-at-home Programme for School Holidays (9) – Just Dance

Most preschoolers I know love music and dancing. Phoebie is definitely one of them. In fact, she almost always bobs her head to music she likes whenever we are out.

When watching shows like Hi-5, Phoebie never fails to get on her feet and dance along. When Phoebie was younger, she would dance along whenever she saw me play Just Dance 3 on our Wii. I must be honest to say that while I enjoyed dancing with her then, I knew not all the songs were suitable for a young child like her.

Since we are spending a lot of time at home this school holidays, I kind of made it my mission to find Just Dance Kids for Phoebie, so that the songs and actions are more age-appropriate. After looking around for a while, I finally found it.


20140619-210948.jpg Tadah! Just Dance Kids 2014!

20140619-211138.jpg I found it quite interesting that they had songs for older and younger kids.

While looking for this game, I also saw Just Dance Disney which basically contained songs from Disney shows. I asked Phoebie which one she wanted and she chose Just Dance Kids.


20140619-211529.jpg Our little dancer got busy the moment we put the game on.



20140619-211646.jpg Ben and I took turns to dance with Phoebie and we all had loads of fun.

Through the game, Phoebie learnt to follow movements that are on TV.

Phoebie got a little upset whenever we achieved more stars than she did on the songs we danced to. Ben took the opportunity to teach Phoebie that it didn’t matter if she won every time. The important thing was that she was having fun dancing. I added that what mattered was that she tried her best to achieve whatever number of stars she got.

Phoebie didn’t get it first and continued to be upset for a while. As we danced over and over again, she slowly relaxed and got over the “who is winning” thing.

Of course, it doesn’t take having a game console to have fun and dance with Phoebie at home. In fact, we often dance together when we hear music that we both like.

So then why did I have to get Just Dance Kids to dance with Phoebie?

Well, firstly, we have the game console at home anyway. Secondly, I know it’s one thing to dance any way we like and another thing to follow steps that we are shown. Thirdly, there are lessons that can be learnt through games.

Dancing with Phoebie is definitely fun, and it helps her release some energy even though she is stuck at home, so it’s a win-win for Phoebie and I!


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