Stay-at-home Programme for School Holidays (8) – Watching DVD

I must admit that there are days when I run out of ideas on how to keep Phoebie occupied. There are also parts of the day when I am too occupied with baby Breyen to do something structured with Phoebie. What do I do when that happens? It’s DVDs to the rescue!

Not just any DVD, DVDs or TV programmes that are educational and at least teach Phoebie a thing or two.

One of my favourites is Word World.

20140618-123014.jpg Word World is a show where the characters are literally words spelt out. Why do I like this show? Kids learn to spell and learn phonics – how each letter sounds.

I used to download the show on the iPad, but the speakers are down. I was really happy when I spotted Word World DVDs at Fairprice Xtra. They were about $10 each and I picked up 4 of them. Each DVD had 4 episodes, so Phoebie had 16 episodes to keep her occupied.

It helps that Phoebie likes to watch the same DVDs over and over again. Repetition reinforces what she learns from watching the DVD.

Of course, as much as possible, I try to be nearby and talk to her as she watches the DVDs, seeking opportunities to add some social skills lessons she can pick up.

Another similar show that teaches preschoolers how to read and spell is Super Why. I remember watching a few episodes when I was in the US and found it interesting how the cast goes into stories and teaches its viewers how to read and spell, and also impart some morals.

While TV programmes and DVDs are not the most ideal ways to keep a preschooler occupied, I believe that with moderation and supervision, they can still be beneficial in some ways. 2 hours a day is not a lot, but it’s enough to keep the preschooler occupied for a while.

Another important thing is to be very selective with what you allow your child to watch. What you want your child to learn is all in that show.

There are many good shows out in the market, not just Word World and Super Why. What are some of your favourites?


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