Stay-at-home Programme for School Holidays (7) – Cook A Meal Together

After doing quite a bit of arts and craft, I decided to do something different with Phoebie today – cook a meal together!

That’s right!

For safety reasons, I set some ground rules with her before we started:
1. Do not touch anything without asking,
2. Keep away from hot surfaces,
3. Leave the cutting to Mummy, and
4. Always listen to instructions.

Okay, so the rules sound like a repetition of one another, but I see it necessary for a preschooler.

We started with taking things out from the fridge.

20140616-132355.jpg “It’s celery,” Phoebie immediately recognized the vegetable, much to my surprise.

20140616-132442.jpg After I showed her how I washed the celery, it was her turn to try.

20140616-132519.jpg I cut the celery and Phoebie wanted to help put the celery in the bowl, so I kept the knife and let her help.

Just as we were ready to cook, Breyen woke up and started crying, so we took a short break from the kitchen. I reminded Phoebie that while I was busy with Breyen, she was not allowed to go into the kitchen by herself. It was a good thing that she stayed close by, so I knew she didn’t sneak back into the kitchen.

Once Breyen was more settled, we went back to the kitchen and continued our little cooking adventure.

20140616-132922.jpg I told Phoebie that while I was cooking, she would have to keep a distance away so that the oil wouldn’t splatter onto her.

She saw “smoke” and I explained that it happens when we cook. She then saw “bubbling”, and I explained that it meant the sauce was boiling.

While I was cooking, I also constantly reminded her how dangerous the hot surfaces are.


20140616-133426.jpg Once everything was ready, I let her get involved in the assembling process. She got to scoop the cooked pasta while I scooped the hot sauce.


20140616-133559.jpg Next, she got to sprinkle cheese on the sauce. “I’m a chef,” Phoebie proudly declared.

We repeated the steps for two more layers and then put our dish into the oven. Of course, I was the one who put it in.

20140616-133940.jpg 15 minutes later and there we go, the lunch that we cooked together!


20140616-134105.jpg Nothing beats eating something she helped to cook. I’m glad she liked it.

Cooking with Phoebie definitely means taking a longer time to prepare a meal, but it’s worth the time when she is learning more about the kitchen and how food is cooked.

It also helped that Breyen was sleeping the whole time we were cooking. Haha… Otherwise, lunch would have taken even longer to cook.


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