Stay-at-home Programme for School Holidays (5) – Making A Card For Someone Special

Right after Phoebie learnt how to hold and use a scissors, she wanted to put the shapes she cut to use. This weekend is Father’s Day, so I decided to help her with making a card for Ben.




20140613-164728.jpg Not only did we use the shapes she had just cut, we also used the stickers she had coloured earlier this month.

20140613-164903.jpg Phoebie insisted that we must write the words “I love you” in the card.

20140613-164954.jpg Tadah! And the work is done! Phoebie was so excited about the card that despite me telling her that we would give the card to Ben on Sunday, she immediately told Ben about the card when he came home from work.

This holiday is long enough for Phoebie to make not only one, but many cards. So perhaps Father’s Day is not the only reason to make a card. As long as Phoebie is interested, we can have more card making sessions.


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