Stay-at-home Programme for School Holidays (4) – Learning To Use A Scissors

Phoebie and I took a little break from arts and craft over the past few days and today we are back!

In Phoebie’s school progress report, there is a category where she is supposed to learn to use a scissors. This skill is probably something that comes naturally for grown-ups but for a preschooler, it’s something she has to master. Since we will be at home on most days this school holiday, I figured I can help Phoebie with that.

20140611-193845.jpg I absolutely love Crayola products and I stocked up a lot of things before we came back from the US. This set of safety scissors is one of them. The blades are made of plastic, so it’s safe for kids who may not be good at using a scissors yet.

20140611-195257.jpg After I showed Phoebie how to hold a scissors, she had a hands-on lesson.


20140611-195406.jpg Next, I handed her some scrap paper for her to practice cutting with a scissors. As she practiced, I showed her where to hold the paper and also cautioned her about the possibility of getting her fingers cut if she was not careful.

20140612-022153.jpg She practiced for a while and said, “Now let’s try using the other hand.” So I helped her with using her left hand to hold the scissors. She found it difficult to control the scissors, so we switched back.

20140611-195648.jpg Once Phoebie got the hang of it, she got to practice using a scissors to cut on a straight line.


20140611-195817.jpg She wasn’t too good at aiming at the line when she started cutting, but I think she did a pretty good job for the rest of the line.

20140611-200025.jpg Tadah! She managed to cut out a square!

After that, she practiced cutting a few more shapes. I could see her sense of pride when she managed to follow the lines and cut the shapes out.

While teaching Phoebie how to use a scissors, I was mindful to teach her:
1. Where to hold the paper so that her fingers are out of the scissors’ path,
2. How to hold the scissors properly so that she has a good grip,
3. To hold the paper closer to her so that she can follow the line and
4. That it is okay to cut slowly so that she can get the shape right.

With this newly acquired (and more practice) skill, we can definitely explore more different arts and crafts activities together. 🙂


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