Stay-at-home Programme for School Holidays (3) – Cardboard Box Fun

After decorating stickers and doing sand art with Phoebie over the past few days, we tackled a bigger project today.

20140605-161433.jpg Thanks to the delivery of Breyen’s diapers, we got our hands on a cardboard box. I wanted to throw it away but I realized that I could put it to better use.

I told Phoebie that we could either make a boat, a car or a spaceship with the cardboard box and asked her what she wanted to do. She got all excited and said she wanted to make a boat.

20140605-161710.jpg First, I cut off the flips of the box.



20140605-161836.jpg Next, I got some materials for Phoebie to decorate her new boat with.




20140605-162258.jpg Phoebie got really busy with decorating her boat. I loved seeing how focused she was. It also helped that she was engrossed with the decorating because Breyen was cranky at that time and I had to attend to him.



20140605-162800.jpg To make the pole for the sail, I sliced two of the box flips and folded them in half. After Phoebie coloured them, we taped them together to make it tall enough for her boat.

20140605-162947.jpg Lastly, it was time to decorate her sail.

20140605-163030.jpg After taping everything together, Phoebie climbed right into her boat and said she was sailing in the “Never Seas”, a place in the cartoon “Jake and the Neverland Pirates”.

20140605-163155.jpg My favourite part of the boat is the inside. Phoebie had coloured it and added stickers to it.

20140605-163316.jpg Phoebie said her favourite part of the boat is the sail.

The best part about making this boat is that Phoebie can continue to play with it after she is done making it. This boat will keep her occupied for quite a while. 🙂

20140605-180532.jpg Phoebie went fishing with her Lego fishing rod right after the boat was ready!

Here’s to more sailing adventures, Phoebie!


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