Stay-at-home Programme for School Holidays (2) – Sand Art Kit

Continuing from Monday’s stay-home programme of sticker decorating, Phoebie and I did yet another arts & crafts activity today.


20140604-223807.jpg Phoebie had received this sand art kit as a party favour from a birthday party she attended last month and had asked me about doing it a while ago. I forgot about it until I saw it today.

Because sand is involved and I certainly don’t want coloured sand all over the house, I made sure I did this activity with her. To prevent a bigger mess than needed, I lined the table with a big piece of paper before we started. I also prepared a paper bag so that we could pour excess sand into it.

20140604-224222.jpg Phoebie has done this before and is familiar with it, so she knows she has to patiently remove a layer of paper before she can pour coloured sand onto the picture.

20140604-224434.jpg To prevent accidental sand spills, I snipped one corner off of each packet of sand instead of making big openings.

20140604-224610.jpg It takes time and some concentration to do complete the picture, and I’m glad Phoebie managed to do it.

20140604-224726.jpg And this is the completed piece that Phoebie and I did together.

Halfway through the activity, Phoebie got a little bored and started walking around. I told her that she would have to complete what she had started before she could move on to something else, and she obliged. I was glad and a littler surprised that she did, because honestly, I was expecting a little tantrum or protest.

Phoebie had wanted to pour the sand onto the picture on her own too, but I knew that she would pour too much and make a mess. I would have allowed her to make a little mess if Breyen had not arrived. With Breyen around now, the last thing I need is coloured sand all over the table and the floor.

In the end, I did allow Phoebie to pour the coloured sand onto the picture but I told her that we would do it together and helped her control the amount that she poured.

Phoebie was proud of the picture when we were done and showed it to Ben when he came home from work.

More stay-home activities to come, Phoebie!


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