Stay-at-home Programme for School Holidays (1) – Sticker Decorating Kit

It’s the start of the month long June holidays and it’s supposed to be an exciting and activities filled month for those who are on holiday.

For Phoebie, this June holidays will be a little different, and she will have to be at home most of the days for two reasons:
1. She caught a flu bug right at the beginning of the holidays, and needs to recuperate at home;
2. Breyen is too young to be out for long hours, and so Phoebie will have to stay home with us on most days. (Sorry Phoebie)

This morning, Phoebie woke up and told me, “There is no school today.” She knows that the school holidays have started. Sadly, part of the activities for today is to bring her to the doctor, no thanks to the bad cough, runny nose and fever she was having.

Thankfully, we also had other things to keep her occupied. Other than letting Phoebie watching some programmes on TV, I decided to dig out one of the many Arts & Crafts kits we have collected over time (either I have bought them or Phoebie received them as gifts).

20140602-231618.jpg Tadah! The first Arts & Craft kit to kick start her school holiday!

Even though the suggested age for this kit is at least 5 years old, Phoebie was able to do it with Ben’s supervision.



20140602-231911.jpg Phoebie was certainly happy to colour the stickers. It also helped that this was a fairly low energy activity since she wasn’t feeling too well.

20140602-232133.jpg And this is Phoebie’s finished art work. She really liked it, so I told her that we will go and get a sticker book for her to collect the stickers.

I’m glad we have such kits at home for times when we are unable to go out. At least Phoebie has something interesting to do.

I shall find more of such kits in the “treasure chest” as the week goes along!


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